Friday, July 31, 2009

Candidates World Tour - Fourth Leg

All morning searched without success for 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' who sometimes writes to the Editor of the Telegraph. But found nothing whatsoever to be disgusted about. The Brew House turned out to be utterly splendid. It's what's called a 'boutique' hotel, recently restored and steeped in imaginative design. Superb unpretentious service. Will never stay anywhere else on future visits to the town - of which there may well be none. Took pleasure mid morning taking a cappuccino outside a cafe in the 'Pantiles', a historic colonnaded walkway immediately adjacent to the hotel which seemed full of the 'Delighted'. This is the spa part of the town that Richard (Beau) Nash conned million into visiting to 'take the waters'. Sid Vicious and David Gower are from Tunbridge Wells.

Late morning, went to France. Drove down to the Eurotunnel at Folkstone. Amazing experience for a livestock farmer from the Welsh hills. But felt quite at home driving into what looked like a cattle truck. Ten minutes later was wondering how long we would have to wait for lift-off, when I noticed that we were already on our way. Unbelievably smooth. Leaned back in my seat, and before I could have smoked a cigar (which I never do) we had emerged in France. Ventured nervously out onto the A26, and within minutes felt completely at home breezing along on the wrong side of the road. Another 20 minutes and we were at the Chateau Tilques, near St Omer. A glass of wine and stretched out in the sun amongst the peacocks for the afternoon, in the grand Chateau gardens. Later on checked out the St Omer Golf Course for future reference. Luckily there had been a wedding reception at the Chateau during the day, while included a very impressive fireworks display after dinner. Decided that I rather like the French, and resolved to return soon.

Watched the news and caught up on politics back home - Gordon Brown telling us that the Norwich by-election result was a terribly disappointing result for the Conservatives. Its the way he tells them. Better than Tommy Cooper, when he puts his mind to it. Bit like Ricky Ponting being really 'disappointed' if Australia wallop England in the Third Test, but score fewer runs than they did in the Second. New MP, Chloe Smith is so young - younger than daughter Sally. She comes over well though. Didn't see a single Frenchman on a bicycle selling onions. First time that I've gone to sleep in France.

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penlan said...

Beau Nash was a Swansea man but I think he did the right thing to leave to make(and then lose) his fortune.

Somehow,"Outraged,Plasmarl" has not the same ring as "Disgusted,Tunbridge Wells."