Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yorkshire comes to Montgomeryshire.

This afternoon I called by Milwyn, Jenkins and Jenkins, solicitors of Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire. I wanted this photograph for my blog. I accept that its not a story that's going to make the 'nationals', but its very significant for Llanidloes. First, some context. For 37 years, Milwyn, Jenkins and Jenkins have acted as an agency for the Nationwide Building Society. So it came as a mighty blow to the firm, and the town when Nationwide announced at the beginning of the year that it was pulling out. Bad news for the staff - and for the town which has been on a bit of a downer since the major employer (which I remember as BSK) shut up shop a few years ago. Another service gone in what looked like a cycle of decline. But Angela Davies-Jones (bottom right in the navy suit) and her team were not taking this blow lying down.

When Angela contacted me a while back, her file on this issue was already two inches thick. After making a few phone calls, I concluded that there wasn't much hope of changing the Nationwide decision. When I rang back to report bleak news, she was already in pursuit of other options, and two weeks ago a deal was struck with the third biggest Building Society in the UK, the Yorkshire. The plan is that the new office will open on August 24th. Now that's what I call a result.

My comment for the press release was "I am very pleased that Milwyn Jenkins and Jenkins have managed to secure such an outstandingly good mutual Building Society and to maintain what is such an important service for the local community". Its good news because it retains the jobs which were under threat and even creates one more. And it sends out the message that the Yorkshire Building Society thinks Llanidloes is a town which is open for business.


TCOAH said...

"Now that's what I call a result."

Good Omen if u ask me - re: upcoming election.

Vote Glyn Davies.

Anonymous said...

But I see that stalinist "newspaper", the County Times, claims part-time MP Lembit Opik played a big part in it. Once again, the CT goes out of its way to promote the ludicrous LO. Once again, the paper is totally out of tune with local feeling. What does it take for this rag to get real?

Glyn Davies said...

TCOAH - Good advice!

Anon - You are being unfair. I do know that the MP has been involved in this issue. I'm not sure what Nick Knight, the Editor will think of his paper being described as 'Stalinist'. The credit for this result should go to Angela Davies-Jones and her staff. Twas them wot done it.