Friday, July 03, 2009

Attempt to con voters in Norwich

Problem is that I reckon some of these tricks work. People are actually taken in. I hope all other parties will challenge these Lib Dem tactics by exposing them, and will not resort to copying. Politics is sufficiently devalued already.


Bonetired said...


My alter-ego Unixman wrote the first comment there. Get the book I suggested - Darrel Huff's "How to lie with statistics". Yes it is old (some people would say ancient!) but the dodges discussed there are as valid today as when the book was first written 50 odd years ago.

It is also rather funny!

Watching corn grow said...

Tis a throat lozenger too far. The Lib Dems are running an ancient version of UNIX - so what seems like a fact comes over as a lie, and what is a lie comes over as a zebra.

Frank H Little said...

It's a rough old trade, as they say, but some of the personal attacks on our candidate, April Pond, are beyond the pale. Your fellow Conservative Iain Dale has sadly joined in these.

DejaView said...

"Room With A[[n inside]] View"

Glyn> just come up with another U-Tube clip for prospective submission to your campaign committee on the subject of reaching young voters:

Camera (digital one please) … scene opens on a sign: “University Campus Accommodation” and a group of young students stroll by pulling cases …

Scene is now set – we know this is a group of students starting their (first) term.

The young things enter their dorm house (actually a house) – this is a collection of student houses – quite common form of student accommodation.

They have to choose which rooms to move into … each room door has a notice or indicia disposed thereon. One reads: “Labour Party”, another notice on an adjacent door: “Liberal Democrats” and another: Plaid Party, and still another: Conservative Party.

Each door is opened in turn … but we DON’T see the sign on the door … so the viewer doesn’t know which room is connected to which party … we leave that to be worked out by the viewer.

One room has a guy with a flea circus; another room has a couple of chickens pecking a cloth with “fabric of the nation” or similar indicia printed thereon. Another with a student building a snowman in his room, and yet another room which is completely dark.

Viewer’s are invited to work out which belongs to which party.

After a while the dark room suddenly lights up – an impeccable student is seen standing down from a chair – she has just changed a broken light bulb.

The digital cameraman walks backwards to reveal the sign on the door: Conservative Party – and a message underneath: we fix things.

Glyn Davies said...

Frank - April Pond. With a name like that she'll be able to look after herself. Remember 'Boy named Sue' by Johnny Cash