Tuesday, July 07, 2009


In general, I don't like roses. Its not that I don't recognise that they are pretty. Its just that they are so damn vicious. But we do grow a few that have something special to offer. This 'Rambling Rector' growing up a cherry is stunning, and worth its place in any garden that has the room. You can work out its scale by comparison with Ffion's John Deere, parked underneath. I suppose its about 20' - both high and wide. Its due severe pruning after its finished flowering, because the lower branches take lumps out of the mulcher driver.

We grow this rose because of its unusual colour. Its not quite the elusive 'blue' but getting that was when it first opens. Bluer than any other rose I've seen. As roses go, its well behaved and disease free. I like it. Which is more than you can say for some of the red ramblers we grow - bedecked with the brightest of lovely red blooms, and thorns like hooks that tear flesh to the bone. I'm not putting up photographs of these temptresses which would charge you such pain for the pleasure.

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