Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Severnside Painting Group

There are many talented amateur painters living in the hills of a Mid Wales. People who appreciate beauty are bound to find Montgomeryshire a special place. This weekend, members of the Severnside Painting Group put on a very good exhibition in the Old School in my village of Berriew. There were lots of village scenes, many of them the work of Ralph Thomas, who lives there. But Mrs D was particularly taken with these two, and I had the red spot stuck on them. First one is an oil or acrylic (I'm not sure) - 'The Flock' by Marjorie Williams. I liked it as well. It reminded me of the Christmas cards I used to receive from William Hague. It deserves a stronger frame though.

This is a water colour by Jane Sanders. Mrs D has something of an obsession with hares. We have wooden hares, concrete hares, metal hares, moongazing hares and paintings of hares. Must admit they are lovely creatures. Don't see many around today. When I was young they were almost as common as rabbits. Through my teens I shot dozens as they came over the horizon in moonlight. Hares were the reason I retired from shooting around forty years ago. I shot between two, which were playing joyfully under a beautiful lunar sky (hoping to save on a cartridge). Succeeded in wounding them both - and a wounded hare makes an awful screaming noise. Put me off shooting for life. Anyway, if you're free tomorrow, why not pop along to The Old School at Berriew. But you can't buy these two. They're gone.

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