Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bring on the Gerontocracy.

I reckon it was the incredible performance of Tom Watson in the British Open wot done it. Suddenly the obsession with pimply youth is in retreat. Maturity and experience are back in vogue. David Cameron is going to turn to a few 'old heads' to fill ministerial roles if he becomes Prime Minister - according to today's Daily Telegraph. And about time too. I've got an interest here of course, not being in the first flush of youth myself. Bring on the gerontocracy I say. Put the kids back in their box until they've learned something about life.

Fellow blogger, Iain Dale has written negatively about Stephen Dorrell. Well, I don't agree with him. Stephen is a decent and engaging man. He was a good and effective Minister, who suffered because he was given the terrible task of informing the people of Britain that the most likely cause of a new form of Creutzfeldt Jakob Jacob's Disease was Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - probably the most devastating public health announcement of my lifetime. Must admit that I'm biased because Stephen has visited us in Montgomeryshire twice over recent years, and made some very kind comments about me. And John Gummer's name is up there as well - another terrific politician who has been held back by something of a baby face. He's the most impressive environmentalist in the House of Commons. Department with responsibility for climate change perhaps. And I'm all for a return for Peter Lilley - as long as he promises never to sing. No-one who heard his musical efforts at party conference will ever forget what an awful experience listening was. And then there's gentleman George Young, who by all reasonable judgement should have been elected speaker rather that Mr Bercow. The final name mentioned is James Arbuthnott, who looked a more impressive performer than Gordon Brown during questioning in committee last week. I keep on reading this stuff about the inadequacy of the talent available to Prime Minister Cameron when he sits down to choose his first cabinet. It looks more like embarrassment of riches to me.

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