Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day at the Races

This weekend, we went to the trotting races for the first time. The event was held at Red House, Caersws, and run under the auspices of the Mid Wales and Borders Racing Association. It was a great day out. There were several bookies in attendance to relieve us of our cash. We finished up only about a tenner down on the day, and if I hadn't cocked up laying bets on the last race, we would have broken even.

The whole event was filmed to go out on S4/C on 20th, with the unique Dai Llanilar presenting. I did a piece to camera, so might feature. So did Sian Lloyd, who lives only a short gallop from the trotting track. Money was being raised for the local Air Ambulance, which requires £5 million per annum to keep airbourne, and is funded entirely by public donation. It flies hundreds of rescue missions every year and has saved the lives of many people. I know two personally.

First time I've seen Micky Evans since he's taken on the reins at Caersws F C again. I told him that he must be mad to go back into managing a Welsh Premier team - at his age! He just laughed and I could see him thinking 'not as mad as you, standing for Parliament - at your age'! Unfortunately, I could see his point. He's Caersws to the core, and I hope he turns things around this coming season. Its a club with so much history. First time I met Micky Evans, he was this 13 year old wonderkid, playing for Caersws Youths. I was Berriew Youths 'enforcer' and deputed to rattle him up a bit. Never got anywhere near him. He was a star even then. Anyway, I can strongly recommend a day out at the trotting races.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as if the Lib Dems would have been better off asking Sin Lloyd to stand for them at the GE. At least she's interested in the area and the people and supports all sorts of causes in Mid Wales.

Empty Post said...

I would be willing to stand for them (Lib Dems), but don't want to run against 'our Glyn'. Glyn is, imho, the best PPC for Montgomeryshire by several furlongs.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sian Lloyd would be interested in having anything to do with the Lib Dems. She has never supported them and after the Grope-it Opik fiasco, I should imagine that she's even more anti Liberal than ever before.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Ru going to post on the "big fuss over the expenses claimed now by civil servants in Wales International" (International Business Wales, IBW).

It just happens that I have seen the men and women of IBW (NYC office) in action and I must report that they do a pretty good job - in fact an excellent job. They really work, work and work to deliver inward investment and job creation opportunities to Wales.

I am not known for being overly nice to WAG or Rhodri Morgan, but on the matter of IBW - they are worth their weight in gold.

It is fair to say that I am very unhappy at the comments coming from Kirsty Williams. This politician is playing a very bad game, she is undermining Wales by undermining IBW - while we are in the midst of a recession! Can you believe that. Just so that she can, in the eyes of people who don't care about Wales, make some perceived political point.

There can be no excuse for what Kirsty Williams did today.

Fine if there is evidence of fraud - but to use the recent expense scandals as a means to undermine IBW is beyond the pale.

Kirsty Williams 'arguments' stink to high heaven. I will not rest until she regrets the day she ever decided to undermine a critical arm of Wales's push to bring inward investment to Wales. IBW also help Welsh businesses win business here in the USA.

Just the other week I was invited by them to attend a Welsh business event in Rosslyn (part of Arlington, just across the river from Washington, DC). Those gentlemen and ladies of IBW worked so hard at that meeting, you could see the strain in their faces selling Wales for all they were worth. And what a good job they did.

I am disgusted at Kirsty Williams for undermining this team. I can't believe what she has done today. This is a dark day for the Lib-Dems - very dark indeed. They have this day, damaged Wales - in the complete absence of wrong doing they have damaged Wales today.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I'm sure than Sian would have made an excellent candidate, but I'm not sure which party she would have stood for.

Empty Post - Too kind you are.

christopher - I'm not sure that this is an issue. I can see that it makes a nice headline for opportunistic politicians, but inward investment has always been a costly business - and there's no point in not doing it properly. I think the Perm Sec has the right approach. She needs to be as transparent as possible, and keep a close eye on what's happening all the time.