Saturday, August 01, 2009

Candidate's World Tour - Fifth Leg.

The Candidate and the Candidate's wife awoke in France on the fifth day of their World Tour. Drove round a while taking in the scenery. Wind turbines and monstrous power cables every where. Persons standing on the first tee of the St Omer golf course would lift up their eyes following the first shot to gaze upon four separate wind farms. That is what Mid Wales is going to look like by 2020 I thought.

After lunch, drove back to the Eurotunnel. Again marvelled at its efficiency. Back in England after 24 hours on French soil. Then headed north to Aylesbury. The M25 was absolutely dire, even though it was a Sunday afternoon. Arrived to celebrate our ruby wedding anniversary at the National Trust hotel, Hartnell House, near Aylesbury - a very splendid mansion. The house was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book and was owned by the illegitimate son of William the Conqueror. It was later owned by the Lee family of which the confederate General Robert E Lee was a descendant. From 1809 to 1814 Charles Lee rented Hartwell House out to the exiled Louis xviii of France. The King signed the document accepting the French Crown again in the Library. The Royal Meteorological Society was also founded in the Library by Dr John Lee in 1850. The mansion was finally accepted by the National Trust as a gift in September 2008. It continues to be run as a hotel.

The Aylesbury Golf Course is adjacent to Hartwell House, and we dashed off 18 holes in a little over three hours, before settling into the champagne and fine fare of the hotel. No idea what was happening in the outside world, except that I did hear that David Cameron told some obscure Radio Station that he doesn't twitter because he fears that "too many twits make a tw*t". Then I read somewhere that this 't word' was OK, but when he used the term 'p***** off' later in the interview, an apology was required. This is valuable information for a political blogger. The BBC have people watching out for moral lapses. It was a very nice day, but went to sleep feeling a bit homesick for Montgomeryshire.

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