Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I Blog.

This sad little post by Craig Murray raises a question about why bloggers blog. Not easy to answer. I suppose each of us has our different reasons. Mine have never been the same as Craig's. He's depressed, because following his rejection by the voters of the recent Norwich North By-election, he's realised that no significant minority has any interest whatsoever in what he has to say. Luckily, I've never suffered from the same grand illusion, and consequently, am not susceptible to the same disappointment.

But reading Craig's post did make me ask myself why I blog - because it does take up quite a bit of time. Firstly its because I enjoy it. I've always liked arranging 'units' into a form that pleases me. Perhaps its because I can't paint. I used to enjoy doing jigsaws. And since daughter Sally taught me how to upload photographs, I've enjoyed it more. Secondly, it helps me arrange my thoughts on difficult issues, when there are strong arguments on both sides. Examples of such issues involve the way Wales is governed, and the great moral questions of the day (such as abortion, stem cell research, drug laws, marriage promotion etc.). And I welcome any challenging comments that flow in. Thirdly, my blog is a useful way of alerting the local media to a story that has come my way, or some of the campaigns I'm involved in. All politicians need a certain amount of publicity, and if I'm the source of the story, my comments are more likely to get a mention. Fourthly, it enables me to let fly, when I feel outraged. Its my blog and I can write what I bl***y well like! A good recent example was the Scottish Justice Minister's decision to release a man convicted of murdering 270 innocents as an act of compassion. Just writing these words raises my hackles again. And there are other reasons.

Must admit that I quite like it that the site attracts a good number of visitors. And I did quite like it when other bloggers used to vote mine as one of the best political blogs in Wales - sadly a thing of the past. I fear that my blog may have become 'unfashionable'. But I can't complain because I've never voted in any of these polls myself. I did seriously think about switching to blogging in Welsh, to learn how to write in the language of the Gods, when I reached 1,000 posts - and I'll think about it again when I reach 2,000 in about two months time. I suppose it boils down to whether its fun. No point in blogging if its not.


James said...

Can you explain why we should sit down for tea with the Colonel who supposedly gave the orders, but not free his supposed agent? I don't understand the logic of refusing compassionate release here.

Glyn Davies said...

James - I do not think it appropriate that compassion should be shown to a man found guilty of murdering 270 innocent people. I would also prefer that no-one (in my name anyway) associates with anyone implicated in this - but I also realise that international relations sometimes demands that morality and justice are set aside. It may be that these two principles are relevant here.

James D said...

O Glyn, gadewch y grawnwin surion i Paul Flynn! Rwy'n hapus iawn taw mor gryf yw'r blogosffer gwleidyddol Cymru bellach.

Dylech chi flogio yn Gymraeg weithiau, pan fo gennych chi amser (a modd!) -- efallai tua unwaith yr wythnos? Does dim rhaid i'ch blog fod yn unieithog. Rwy'n sicr bod llawer o bobl y bydden nhw'n mwynhau darllen eich meddyliau chi yn Gymraeg (o'r un achos eich poblogrwydd ym myd radio), ac wrth gwrs gall pobl ddi-Gymraeg neidio drostyn nhw.

Ac y blwyddyn nesa', pleidleisiwch drosoch eich hunan! Mi wnaeth pawb arall yr un peth eleni, mae'n debyg!

Glyn Davies said...

James - Diolch. Syniad da i adael grawnwin surion i flogwyr eraill! I floggio yn Gymraeg, bod rhaid i mi defnyddio gairiadur, oherwydd fydda i ddim gallu scrifennu heb cymorth. Bydda i'n ceisio gwneud un blogg pob penwythnos. Ond peidio chwerthin ar fy sillafu. Does dim tiwtor gyda fi nawr