Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Labour Leadership race 'hotting up' ?

Wasn't able to make the National Eisteddfod at Bala today afterr poking myself in the eye with a stick. Disappointing because RESEC, (Research into Specialist Elderly Care), a charity I'm associated with was presenting a £500 cheque to Tamany Wyn Jones far her work with dementia and the elderly in rural areas. Been making some calls to find out how it all went. I'm told that my Deputy Chairman, Eurig Wyn did his usual professional job. But then, as usually happens, discussion turned to the politics that always infects the Maes. This year it will be particularly interesting because its the last Eisteddfod before Labour has to choose its next Welsh leader and new National Assembly First Minister - that's if Rhodri Morgan does not change his mind about retiring. In passing, I'm told that he's expecting to immediately be raised to the ermine, along with two of his Assembly girls, Sue Essex and Jane Davidson. Lord Rhodri of Michaelston-le-Pit I suppose.

Anyway, about the succession. Favourite Carwyn Jones has been putting himself about, making a speech which was stating the bloody obvious - that Labour needs to build on its core vote. And Huw Lewis has been there too, and has roundly rubbished Carwyn's speech on his blog. And today, I'm told that Edwina Hart will definitely be standing as well. It seems that she's 'letting it be known' that she wants to lead, without actually saying anything. Just getting on with the job as Gordon Brown is so keen on saying. When I was told that all this meant that the leadership contest was 'hotting up', I thought it was best described as the first stirrings of a heavy sleeper after a heavy night on the whiskey. It may be possible to detect a little movement, but too early to be sure it signifies wakefulness. I've not been involved in Assembly politics for over two years, but I do like the gossip. And who cares if its not true.


Anonymous said...

Whoever is chosen, will have to be strong and dextrous enough to persue Cameron on the future of devolution debate. If Cameron fails to re-look at devolution, perhpas with more powers (by referendum) the Welsh Conservative party that has worked so hard and created success these past years in Wales will, in the future fail and loose support.

TCOAH said...

Anon (08:18)> because of my background I am a 'natural Welsh Labour man', but I'm also a pragmatist and after a lot of disappointments came to the unsavory conclusion that Welsh Labour are so inward looking that they rather play the fool than do what is necessary to rebuild the Welsh economy. Even in the face of such despair as Welsh families struggling to make ends meets, Welsh Labour are content to give away Welsh IP lock, stock and barrel with consequent HUGE downstream opportunity costs - in terms of lost business and job opportunities for home/Welsh job creation/wealth creation.

'A decade in' and Welsh Labour are happy to have foreign universities outperforming the Welsh university system when just about everyone and their 'kitchen sink' realizes that the way to go is INNOVATE to GVAate. ITG ... but hey, Welsh Labour haven't listened to me in ummmmm the past five years, so why should anyone think Welsh Labour should take over running Wales from the Welsh Conservatives post next election cycle?

The Welsh Lib Dems have stuffed-up ears too - they rather play 'gotcha' and score cheap shots in their game of political football with Rhodri Morgan than promote meaningful protection of Welsh IP for job creation in Wales.

PC? I think they are still trying to work out if they are Marxist or some other extreme left nationalist party. Certainly they have no inclination or policy to protect job creation through meaningful IP protection.

Anonymous said...

it may well be an interesting leaership battleafter all, I haer that mrs hart has got support from mr davies, and that is a partnership that could challenge Mr Jones. Mr Lewis remains a waste of space and doesn't deseve to be an am never mind a labour leader.

Anonymous said...

Was on the "maes" yesterday and thought i was back in Cardiff Bay - even saw Jane Hutt rushing across the field, head down and heading for the food tent ( VIP one of course) She did however stop to hug and kiss some guy who shouted a greating at her! Also saw Alun x-plaid Davies rushing past the Nationalist tent - where it only seems five minutes ago - he was running - durring his days as their party head! Oh how times change.

On a final point spotted Carwyn and minder looking in at the IWA tent and chatting with good old John Osmand the brians behaind devolution. Would like to have listened in on that one ,,,wonder if the name Edwina crossed their lips? No bets taken...

Well back to some real work on the farm.

Anonymous said...

Well well,so three declared devolutionist, socialist are looking to sit in the Lords - what a sell out.But there what do we expect from Labour these days.I just cringe at the way self service goes before public service.
The leadership, Edwina Hart - that would just about finish Labour off in Wales, it would give you blues the election on a plate Glyn.
Why, well its the activists that will get the vote out and she is not flavour of the month with any that I know and I know a lot.
Hotting up - its not even luke warm.

Anonymous said...

Please let the barmy Mrs Hart win the assembly leadership. Then a quick referendum with a massive "no" vote. Kick devolution into touch for good.


Anonymous said...

I was at the Eisteddfod on Friday and looked around the field all day as the singing and dancing bit is - not for me!

The politicos were out and about and pressing the flesh - even Lord DLT was less formal in dress - well no tie - at least.

Eleanor Burnham - the colourfull Lib AM from up north was on the loose a a very fetching if slightly high risk outfit...though rather alamarmed at the Welsh Language Societys Youth divsion plastering the Assembly Stand while she was speaking to the Convention meeting inside...not quite sure which activity Sir Emyr found more anoying though.

Mark Isherwood wins the best drest AM competion- in colonial whites and smart shoes he stood outside the Tory tent for hours while the heat hit 25 degrees!

Adam Price could be seen rushing around the field in stripped shirt, sweating and trying to avoid questions from local Caerfyrddin people taking part in the " Where is Rhodri Glyn Thomas?" Quiz that was being run from the Plaid Tent - any winners yet?

Back at the Lib tent - Christine Humphreys the former ( and much missed!)North Wales Lib AM was left in charge - home alone and only their single Anglesy Councillors as occasional support - Aled might have been best back on the "Island of Dreams" where the Assembly is soon to impose its own "High Representative" to replace the long list of past CEOs who have come and gone at even a faster rate that at Denbighshire.

Just before leaving for home - a final visit to the Labour/Lafur Cymru tent - and yes a winner at last - for the Eisteddfod prize of the least visited stand.

- though putting the Tory Tent next to that of Stonewall was a materly move - though did cause some confusion for a couple of elderly ladies - arm in arm - from Colwyn Bay who supprised by the warm welcome and cups of lemon tea from the stonewall cymru organisers keen to develop membership on the north wales coast.

You could have filled your blog for weeks Glyn - the Eisteddfod is better than real life - and all for £15 a day.

Anonymous said...

TCOAH Have you considered standing for the Assembly yourself? As you say none of the parties represented there are exactly setting the world alight - and it seems that you would be filling a skill gap.

Not to mention that fact that lobbying assembly members for 5 years demonstrates your commtiment to Wales!

There is a well established tradition of electing Independents in Wales so what do you have to lose?