Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great Scottish Mistake.

Just watched Scottish Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill on Newsnight. His performance filled me with contempt. He was trying to justify his decision to release the only criminal convicted of murdering 270 innocent people over Lockerbie in 1988 - on compassionate grounds. That's right - compassionate grounds. Incredible. Today he damaged the world's opinion of Scotland, and the reputation of the SNP Scottish Government. The decision was shockingly wrong and will define the first term of SNP Government. I realise that this terrorist was suffering from prostate cancer and is reckoned to have just three months to live. My attitude may make me seem not compassionate, and that's because I feel nothing but revulsion for this criminal. I cannot find in my heart any sympathy for such a very evil man, found guilty of the indiscriminate murder of 270 innocents. The great celebrations and welcome that will be bestowed on the return to Libya by this murderer will only make matters worse.

And what does Gordon Brown think of this decision. Our Prime Minister, who normally has a ready comment to make about everything under the sun, and over matters where he has no jurisdiction is silent. This awful decision by the Scottish Government may well damage Britain's international reputation, especially if Gordon Brown remains silent. The world knows that he is Scottish, and could interpret silence as agreement, which I cannot believe is the Prime Minister's opinion. Another case of a MaCavity's cat impersonation at No 10.


Anonymous said...

That phrase "A Vegan Called Bacon" comes to mind.

What a muppet!

I would not be surprised if Americans end up boycotting golfing events etc. in Scotland.

I have one message for Donald Trump: don't be a Donald Chump, put your golf course in Wales!

We Welsh might be daft somtimes, but not as daft as that daft apeth Kenny McAss.

Che Grav-ara said...

"This awful decision by the Scottish Government may well damage Britain's international reputation"

Glyn your party is supportive of the war in Afghanistan and voted to go to war in Iraq how much more do you think Britains international reputation can be damaged.

Tcoah said...

Che'> President Obama wants us in Afganistan. Didn't you get the memo?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I suppose the logical consequence of what has happened is that if anyone in Scotland who is diagnosed as having three months to live can murder as many people as he or she wants without punishment - because it would not be compassionate! Madness.

Che - Most Conservatives supported the decision by the British Government to go to war with Iraq - though we were all told the most terrible untruths by Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister at the time. Though I was deeply troubled by such duplicity, I still contend that its too early to assess whether or not it was the right decision. I also believe most Conservatives support the action in Afghanistan. The thought of what would happen if the Taliban were to retake control - and extend it to Pakistan is too terrible to contemplate. I should add that I know lots of Conservatives who opposed both military interventions.

Tcoah - Obama has proved to be surprisingly 'hawkish'. So much so that success or otherwise may well decide his election for a second term.

Che Grav-ara said...

Glyn I am not blaming you, nor am i saying the tories are responsible, although supporting the government makes them just as much to blame in my eyes. What I am saying is those actions, whatever your view right or wrong, have caused more damage to Britains international standing than anything. The Tories supported them so I find it a bit odd that you should lambast this decision on the basis of it damaging britains standing. (that is not to say you can not attack the decision of course just i find your reasoning a bit at odds with other Tory actions)

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...


Your logic about bringing the UK's name into disrepute is fully usurped by Che's comment thought isnt it?

What would your view be if Alex Salmon made the call that the decision by the UK Government was bringing Scotland's name into disrepute, and went to the UN and made clear that was the case?

It swings both ways.

Anonymous said...

I am totally opposed to the early release of mass murdering Lockerbie terrorist Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi. He may be dying of cancer, but that is his fitting punishment. I am an advocate of the death penalty for such crimes, but even failing that - life should mean life, which means the guilty should stay in prison until the day they die. Depending upon what they die of, that may well mean being in prison whilst very ill with a terminal condition. That doesn't matter. He should not have been released. It is just another example of the left-wing junta of Alex Salmond and Ken McAskill - that rules Scotland breaking natural justice for political correctness.
Could it have more to do with the huge oil contracts that BP and Shell are negotiating with President Gadaffi of Libya, and our Government (pawns of big business - just look at the Banking Crisis bail out) letting Gadaffi's tribal kinsman home as the necessary sweetner? Oh, how cynical I am!

Glyn Davies said...

Che - Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has not damaged her standing except amongst those who wish her ill. Sometimes tough choices have to be made. The release of a man who murdered 270 innocents (mostly Americans) seems to me to be a shocking decision which will be incomprehensible to civilised people the world over.

STH - I do not see Scotland as having the same standing on the international plane. I suspect that as far as the families of those murdered by this criminal, they will not disassociate the decision from the UK Government, no matter how far under the desk the Prime Minister hides.

Anonymous said...

It’s pretty clear on the US side of the wee pond that the Scottish Minister who decided to release the terrorist has not gone down well with most Americans. Wales should offer alternative golf bookings for those Americans who were thinking about golfing in Scotland. Wales has the whiskey, and the (golf) balls.

So Che and Sweet don’t agree with President Obama’s view that releasing the Lockerbie terrorist was a huge mistake.

quedayst said...

At least Glyn Davies is concerned about this issue whereas some politicians in Wales seem more interested in commenting on tributes to Ianto (Torchwood).

Anonymous said...

It would be a ifficult decision either way wouldn't it? Made even more difficult by the real doubts about his guilt in the first place - if he was guilty and its a big if, then it ould be state sponsored and are we still castigating Libya?

A lot of evidence suggest Iran had more to do with this than Libya, rtaliation for the passenger jet the US mistakenly shot down? Mistakenly shot down, and what wee the repercusssions of that?

Indignation by the US is unbelievable.

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

"So Che and Sweet don’t agree with President Obama’s view that releasing the Lockerbie terrorist was a huge mistake."

What bullsh**

I wrote a blog on it, take your swivel eyes over there. Hell, i even was the radio wales phone in making it clear i thought it was the wrong decision.

Carpet said...

Anon (04:14:00 PM)> no, the decision was a no-brainer. The convicted killer should have stayed in a Scottish prison.

I do so hope that keen American golfers and American sponsors ditch Scottish golf courses and look for alternative venues of which there are many, including Wales.

Che Grav-ara said...

"Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has not damaged her standing except amongst those who wish her ill."

Sorry Glyn but what world are you living in?

Aran said...

This comment makes you sound as ungodly and as consumed by hatred as the belligerent chest-puffing vitriol coming out of America.

Well done Scotland for retaining their humanity.

Terrorism WILL win if we allow ourselves to be consumed by hatred and revenge.

Frankly, Jim Swire sounds better on this than you do.

Glyn Davies said...

Aran - I cannot find the minutest sliver of compassion in my heart for a man who has been found guilty of murdering 270 totally innocent people. I accept that sometimes 'realpolitic' means that the nose has to held while something offensively unpleasant passes by, but to release the man on 'compassionate' grounds is beyond anything that I see as reasonable - and your calling that opinion whatever you want will not change my view one jot.

pettan said...

Aran> actually history says different.