Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Planting Poppies

Today, I've been planting poppies in our garden. Not ordinary poppies. But nine feet high iron poppies designed and created by William O'Brien, an artistic blacksmith who lives next door to us, and has his smithy in Berriew. It wasn't an easy job. The three poppies were delivered as three separate 'blooms'. I hauled them up by ropes, and suspended them from a farm building roof truss, 'planting' them in a large flower pot. Next step was to fill the pot with concrete.
Three days later, I recruited the services of my neighbour and his digger to transport the poppies to the selected site on the banks of the pond, where they can display themselves to best effect. My second photograph gives you some idea of the scale of the operation. The problem was the sheer weight of the work of art - around five hundredweight. Anyway it looks fantastic. I was also lucky that I had my little helper, Ffion to offer advice and guidance. She looks very satisfied with the completed task.


eric said...

was that a duck isalnd in the background glyn?

on a wider note, anglesey alluminium is to close,would suspect this will be massive for anglesey. I am a normal defender of WAG, but suggest this is ahuge failure in tems of economic development both there and in westminster. I suspect that no nuclear option for anglesey now also.

Glyn Davies said...

eric - There are two duck islands, though one is more of a goose island. Wedi 7 came up to film them last week. I did pay for them myself.

No doubt that the loss of Angesey Aluminium is a terrible blow to the local economy. I do not know whether the investment demanded by the company to keep the plant open were reasonable or not. however I do not see why this should have any effect on the liklihood of a new nuclear power station. I'd expect that to go ahead.