Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Signs.

I've been out delivering leaflets to the householders of Llandysil in Montgomeryshire tonight. I'm never sure what to do when there's a sign near the post box requesting that 'No junk Mail' should be left. I did come upon two interesting signs though, one of which took the form of a warning. 'Tresspassers will be shot. Survivers will be shot again'. And another one made the suggestion that callers should go away and 'Garden naked and put some colour in your cheeks'.


An ignorant stupid American said...

Even on the United States side of the 'wee pond' (PS, I came up with "wee pond' independently while doing a PhD at Glasgow University, hence the "wee" bit of the phrase, Americans on the ISCA BBS loved the phrase (I was "UK Meets USA") and started to use it on-mass ...

anyways, on the US side of the 'wee pond' such signs as 'Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again' have no legal meaning in Tort law (an area of civil law). Bottom line: even on the US side of the wee pond house holders/owners can not use lethal guns to merely protect property.

Guns can be used to protect life and limb, not property.

Hence the often heard expression: "I was in fear of my life so I shot him"; works so long as the receiver of the shot gave the giver of the shot a reasonable reason to be in fear of his life. Just can't shoot someone without legal redress just because A believed B waving his/her hand was a threat to A's person. There has to be a reasonable fear or apprehension of imminent harm to party A (or to, e.g., a member of A's family at the same location as A). This Ignorant Stupid American did a law degree on the 'udder side of the 'wee pond'.

Colin said...

When standing for Penyffordd Community Council I came across a note saying " no electoral literature". One supposes they did not want to be swayed from their choice. Result? The village block votes sorted me.