Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peter Hain AM - again.

I hope that BBC's Wales man in Westminster, David Cornock is at the Lib Dem Conference this weekend - and not at Plaid Cymru's seaside get-together at Aberystwyth. He would have done unto himself a physical misfortune during an uncontrollable laughing fit. And there'll be a few others laughing over their muesli this morning as they read today's Wales on Sunday offering by David Williamson. The subject of all this mirth will have been the conference speech delivered by Adam Price MP yesterday.

Adam must have been reading my blog, which has been predicting for several months that former Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Hain might be looking for a 'free transfer' from Westminster to the National Assembly, where he would undoubtedly put a bit of spark into the place. Being honest, I admit that I was indulging in a bit of idle speculation when I floated the idea, albeit based on a calculation of political realities. It still caused Mr Cornock (and others) to pour ridicule upon my person. And then the Western Mail gave the idea another little outing a few weeks back. More laughter from the BBC.

Anyway Adam has been taking the whole thing so seriously that he based his conference speech on it. David Williamson reports that 'Firebrand Price' told the world that he intends to stand against Peter in a Neath by-election, assuming that Mrs Gwenda Thomas AM can be persuaded to move house up the M4 and replace the 'Mrs' with 'Baroness' - certainly not a given.

This blog does occasionally set out to amuse by commenting on the bizarre. Here goes. This is what the 'Firebrand' is reported to have' roared' on the conference platform yesterday.

"He's going to find one heck of a fight if he does call a by-election. In Westminster we represent the same valley, the valley that I'm from. But we represent two very different versions of the future of Wales. If you, Peter, in your hubris, really think you can lead this country when you don't even believe we're ready for a parliament - when you trumpeted the goals of social justice in pamphlet after pamphlet, but sit on your hands in Cabinet - then call that By-election and I'll see you on the streets of Gwaun-cae-Gurwen and let the people decide".

It would be interesting to hear what Peter Hain thinks of this 'gauntlet' that has been so flamboyantly cast down in his path, or what Mrs Gwenda Thomas thinks of swapping her cherished title of Mrs, or what former TV pundit, Mr Lee Waters thinks of Peter slipping into the Neath AM slot, and what David Cornock thinks - after he has regained his post-laughter composure.


David Cornock said...

I am indeed in Bournemouth, Glyn - and will take Peter Hain's comments at face value: "It's complete nonsense. It's a silly season fabrication. I was on holiday and my office told me about this nonsense."

Anonymous said...

Here's the Hain response, in case you missed it: “It’s complete nonsense. It’s a silly season fabrication. I was on holiday and my office told me about this nonsense.”

Glyn Davies said...

David - after I posted I saw you on the Politics Show - just standing there like a lemon because you didn't know you were on air. Thought you hadn't properly recovered from reading the WoS piece. Must say that LO doesn't sound too keen on Ms Williams does he.

I was there said...

Anyway Adam . . . . based his conference speech on it.

Steady on Glyn - the bit about Hain was just a bit of knock about at the end - hardly the basis of his speech.

And as for this . . .

'Firebrand' is reported to have' roared' on the conference platform yesterday.

I wish he had 'roared' a bit more. He spoke quietly and I was sitting at the back and didn't have my ear trumpet with me.

It pays not to believe all you read in the papers . . . or the blogs for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Aber was like this during the last few days. Hilarious!!!!

Glyn Davies said...

I was there - As it happens you don't surprise me. Its just that I was amused by the huge profile that the WoS gave to the issue. All I did was report what was in the papers, which was that the 'Firebrand' roared.

Anonymous said...

many of us bloggers flagged up the hain maybe move ages ago.
Once he sorts his present woes out and realises that he wont get back on a westminster horse,and be promoted again, lets see what he does then.

Lord Wyn's nos 1 fan! said...

Peter H, as I have always thought, is far too serious about politics to bother becoming an AM.
He would be a laughing stock.
It ain't going to happen.

Glyn Davies said...

VM - As you say, 'lets wait and see' if Lord Wyn's No 1 fan is right. I'm not convinced myself.