Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Train talk..

Had a chat with Edna Mopbucket on the 'dog and bone' tonight. I'm down in the National Assembly tomorrow afternoon, and rang to offer her a coffee in Starbuck's in the Bay. She's doing a bit of cleaning in Bermondsey at the moment and has taken to using 'Cockney' slang. Anyway, I knew she had a bit of gossip as soon as she spoke. Like a lot of ladies, she wanted to share it with me, but wanted it wheedled out of her. After a bit of coaxing she did.

Seems she was on the train to Paddington from Cardiff, just minding her own business, when the silver haired, suntanned smoothie in the next seat took a phone call on his mobile. "Peter Hain here" she heard, and her ears pricked. Now Edna's never liked 'Hain' as she calls him, ever since he threw drawing pins all over the rugby pitches when Gareth and Barry were in South Africa on a Lions tour, and in their pomp. She loved Gareth, and despises anyone who says a bad word about him, let alone tries to stick pins in his knees.

Edna tells me that the conversation became quite animated, and Peter made the mistake of thinking the lady in the next seat nonchalantly reading Women's Own wasn't listening. But she was. And she heard him say as clear as day "We're stuffed. We're absolutely stuffed" And Edna tells me she was as certain as can be that he was talking about the Labour Party. On this occasion he was spot on in his judgement.

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