Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back home - sort of.

Only just recovered from the shock. I've just typed in '' in error, and up came Adult Friend Finder - a site featuring 24 photographs of very well blessed young ladies in provocative pose. I was quite taken aback. The shock was all the greater because I'm so tired, having left El Rompido Golf at 6.00 this morning for Faro, then Liverpool, and finally Swansea for a reception and dinner tonight. Managed, after a bit of difficulty to get this flashy new laptop operating in the Ramada Hotel. Its No 1 son, Edward's computer. I hope he doesn't think I've been visiting dodgy sites on purpose.

Really enjoyed my week off. Played 18 holes every day. The North Course at El Rompido Golf is a great test. Its such a good course that the management won't allow buggies on it after rain. And it rained on the last two days. The par 5s average 550 yards. And managed to read a fair bit as well - a really nice World War 2 love story by H E Bates about an English pilot from Worcester being shot down over France, and falling in love with a French girl, and they both escape over the border into Spain. OK, you can stop sneering. I have a romantic side, and I really enjoyed it. And a pacey thriller by Val McDermid called Beneath the Bleeding. Tonight, it will have to be the papers for tomorrow's meeting of European Care Cymru in the Ramada. Welcome home. Will be able to catch up on what's been happening in the world tomorrow - and at Birmingham

Speaking of Spain, I should mention cycling, which is a big big sport there. I imagine that the continuing achievements of the amazing Nicole Cooke are receiving more coverage and plaudits in Spain than here in the UK. Following on from her brilliant gold medal at Beijing, she has just won the World Championship road race, outlasting the Dutch girl, Vos to snatch victory after 3 hours in the saddle. She is simply brilliant. Possibly the biggest loss of 'perk' resulting from loss of my position as an Assembly Member last year is that I wasn't invited to meet this wonderful ambassador for Wales when the Olympic winners were invited to the Assembly.

I've missed updating the blog over the last few days, and there are so many issues I'd like to post on. I

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Glyn Davies said...

I just don't underestand the date on this post. I published it last night at around 12.30 ish - and for some reason it was in my 'edits' box as a 'draft' from Saturday! Ah well. Decided that I may as well publish.