Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nick Clegg - Bad Week

I was listening to a report on 5 Live today about this Middle East cleric who had offended sharia law by taking 86 wives and fathering almost 200 children. It seems that he was only allowed 4 wives. I wonder if he had any idea how much Child Benefit he would have been entitled to if he lived in the UK. Which brings me to Mr Nick Clegg.

Seems to me that the Leader of the Liberal Democrats has had a embarrassingly dismal week. Not only has he totally confused the nation about what the Liberal Democrats stand for, but he's opened himself up to even greater ridicule than that which followed his informing the nation via GQ Magazine of the number of notches he had on his bedpost.

Any figure between £80 and £100 would have been acceptable. We don't expect a party leader, chosen for his telegenic appearance to know precisely that the state pension is £90.70. But "30 quid". Its clear that Nick Clegg has not the slightest idea how the elderly people of Britain live. Out of touch or what! And there's worse.

Oh how they laughed at George W Bush when some clever dick journalist 'exposed' his inability to name the capitol of Outer Mongolia (or wherever). "Dudya's a thicko. Not fit to be a leader" they said. And the same leftie elite fell over themselves to mock Sarah Palin as a God-fearing, gun-toting, anti-abortion ex beauty queen. "How can such a woman be placed a heartbeat away from the nuclear button?" they ask incredulously. Well, that goes down rather well in the USA. And then up steps Nick Clegg to make Sarah look a pillar of suitability. In today's Conference speech he talked about other names he'd never heard of - Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers. Can you believe it - and he thought the state pension was "30 quid". And he wants to be our Prime Minister!

Now where did this figure of 30 come from. Perhaps he says 30 whenever he's asked an unexpected question.

What's the state pension Nick?......................£30 quid.
How many women have you had sex with Nick/..........30
How much is a dozen eggs Nick?.......................30p
How many breasts has an Amazon Nick?.................30 (I once knew someone who answered this question with 6)
How many Lib Dems after the next election Nick? 30 (You should be so lucky)

Anyway, he's told the Liberal Democrats that they are on the way to Government - just as David Steel did. "Go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government". Better take a look at tomorrow's opinion poll.


An ignorant stupid American said...

I find it amazing that the Lib-Dems can't make headway in a serious way given that Labour is imploding in such a spectacular way.

Have the British voting public taken the view that the Lib-Dems don't offer a credible alternative to Labour and the Conservatives? Answer: YES!

Is the new leader of the Lib-Dems such a disaster or so elitist that the common man and woman can't relate to him, and hence can't relate to the Lib-Dems as a party.
Answer: YES!

Should Vince Cable replace Clegg?
Answer: YES!

How many 'leaders' have the Lib-Dems had in the current Parliament?
Answer: 30! (That's 30 factorial, 1*2*3*4... *30, a VERY big number!)

frankie said...

Nick Clegg is such a light weight and comes across as feeble I'm afraid.

The LibDems have lost their way and there is nothing out there that can redeem them to the electorate now. Politicians such as Lembit Opik have harmed them so much that no one can take them seriously anymore, and he wants to be president of the LibDems - bit of a joke that!

They should never have got rid of Charles Kennedy. Now it's too late.

An ignorant stupid american said...

I must say that I kind of like Charles Kennedy. He lived in a Croft - graduated from Glasgow University in Scotland, and since I graduated with a PhD in chemistry from the same university and heard the many positive and thrilling accolades on campus about Charles Kennedy (and John Smith), so quite naturally I took to Charles Kennedy - a fine specimen of straight talking as one can find in bonnie British Isles, just don't give him a drink.

Kind of funny, I seem to recall someone mentioning that Kennedy was the President of GUU (Glasgow University Union), of course, Charles Kennedy would be picked as the President of a student’s union with the one with the best bars in town – I can write with some authority on this score, having been dragged by my fellow Glasgow University Scottish flat mates to the bar at the GUU, it’s a beautiful old building – that’s all I remember! Everything else is a blur!

Anonymous said...

Its time for a holiday Glyn - leave the Lib Dems and part time MP LM to enjoy their conference - and go off for a seaside break with Edna and prepare for Government!

Glyn Davies said...

aisa - the British public are not so easily fooled.

frankie - Kennedy had to go at the time. He was a sick man. If he's fully recovered, he's a much better 'engager' than Clegg.

aisa - Same again. Kennedy had to go. There cannot be an alcoholic leading a main political party - at least not in Britain today. We both hope that he's recovered.