Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spanish report 2 - Its not going to happen John.

Another 18 holes on the South Course today. Its laid out around a nature reserve, which claims many a wayward ball, including three of mine. We watched a flock of 30 Little Egrets today, just pottering about on the course - something I've not seen before. Spent all morning reading an H E Bates book by the side of the pool. Luckily, the Spanish seem to disappear from view about seven, and there's no point going out to eat until half past nine - so I have time to check up on the various blogs that I like to read. Valleys Mam has written a good post on Ruth Kelly, who resigned this morning because she could no longer work for Gordon Brown, or was it to spend more time with her family.

I've just visited the Institute of Welsh Affairs site. I've always thought that John Osmond has combined his twin roles as Director of the Institute of Welsh Affairs and Plaid Cymru activist rather well. But I think his green petticoat is showing with this post. The only political party I've heard argue for a referendum on law making powers for the National Assembly to be held on the same day as the election to that Assembly is Plaid Cymru. Its not going to happen. Move on John. Spend a bit more time talking to politicians from other parties.

And been reading all this stuff about Gordon Brown making a good speech in Manchester. What on earth did anyone expect? His entire 'bunker' team have been working on it for weeks. It won't make a blind bit of difference. If Labour lose the November by-election, the calls for him to go will grow louder. I really feel that the British people have lost faith in him and he will not lead Labour into the next Election. No amount of public money distributed as freebies, or rewriting of previous speeches will change anything. He could still be gone by Xmas, and there will be a General Election before June. I can see that from Spain.


sarah said...

Gordon brown's speech was good, but I fear not good enough because when you talk to people they just seem to of had enough, even in local government people have had enough of feeling they are not being listened to. In Powys there are now 9 conservative councillors there weren't before, is it a sign things are changing?, is it a sign people are starting to doubt the big man? Maybe and then the only way is up!

Anonymous said...

Glyn will you oppose everything and anything to do with a possible referendum!? The closer we get to an election to more you sound like everyone else in the David Davies party - sorry i mean Tories.

Glyn Davies said...

Sarah - Agreed.

anon - Your comment is unjustified tosh. On my blog, I try to seperate my 'opinion' about what I want to happen, from what I believe is going to happen. There is no-one more committed to a law making National Assembly for Wales than I am. The current constitutional position is deeply flawed. But the two partners in Coalition have shown so little commitment to preparing for a referendum that I believe they have abandoned any desire to hold it. Also I now believe that there is no certainty that the Yes sidewould win, there being no strategy, no leadereship and no desire. I also believe that there is a great deal of disemblement in the claims being made by Plaid Cymru leaders in particular, mainly because of a fear of what people like you will say. In the absence of a move to full law making powers, I am, and will be contesting a General Election on a committment to make the current system of power transfer work effectively and speedily towards the same end.

Cyng./Cllr.Gwilym Euros Roberts said...

Good point well made Mr D.

By the there any truth in the rumour going around that this golf trip to Spain is an early marker for your wild card entry into the European Team for the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor....Glyn Davies v Tiger Woods sounds good don't you think?

frankie said...

Ruth Kelly's excuse for resigning cannot be taken seriously at all. She has 4children under the age of 11, and she has been in frontline politics for 6 years - so - when her children were tiny and needed her most, it was ok to be an MP, but now they are older and less needy and dependent on her, she feels unless she spends more time with them now, she will regret it. Who does she think she's kidding?

Glyn Davies said...

gwilym euros - mae fy ngholf yn wella bob dydd, paratoi i wneud rownd yn Carlton Park a Celtic Manor ym Mis Hydref.

Frankie - absolutely right. She has had enough. She is a woman with belief, and she has found it difficult to accept being forced to vote for Government proposals she knows are wrong. Whenever politicians resign for familyb reasons, when it so blatantl is not the case, it is using the family as political props.