Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hairy Armpits and Rollercoasters.

I concede that I'm no authority on this, but I'd never have put hairy armpits at the top of the wiles that a lady might employ to attract a mate. But this is what Mr Richard Robinson, a psychologist and author told the British Association for the Advancement of Science festival - according to today's Telegraph and Mail. And he told them why.

"The most important thing in attracting a mate is how they smell, because its the best indicator that a person is genetically different from you. You should not shave your armpits because this allows your smell to form".

Personally, I have my doubts about this theory. But with the Great Hadron Collider start-up going so well today, its not a time to be arguing with scientists. It seems that its the 'Phenyl ethylamine' that does it. Its this hormone of love that turns the head - and it works even at a distance. Mr Robinson also informs us that taking a lady on a rollercoaster will fetch the Phenyl ethylamine out at a superfast rate and lead to virtual instant love. Apparently all exciting situations produce the same effect. When I was a young man, some of my friends used to swear by this theory, and drive their sports cars at crazy speeds (whenever a rollercoaster wasn't handy). This tactic wasn't available to me because the only two-seater I had was the farm mini pick-up. Personally, I hated rollercoasters, and was not a stupidly fast driver. But then I didn't have access to Mr Robinson's advice, so didn't know about my inherent disadvantage..

This theory about a lady's smells is to do with attracting opposite genes which give a broader immunity against disease to any issue that might result from the sudden pulse of the hormone of love. I suppose that I didn't really need to be quite so scientific about things when I was young because the lingering ambiance of chicken slurry and cattle manure was sufficient to make me stand out from the crowd. Must admit that I never thought about its magnetic qualities though. I was only saying earlier today that if I could live my life again, I would have fancied being a scientist.


Anonymous said...

Glyn, you have a great sense of humour, and such a way with words, I think you should seriously consider writing a book!!

frankie said...

When I was a hairy hippy back in the early 70s, I didn't shave my armpits, my OH rather liked it, but one day my mum took me to one side and said "Frankie - it doesn't look very nice having whiskers poking out from under your armpits" I thought - Yea, you're right, looks a bit unsavoury somehow, and have shaved ever since. I also use the obligatory deodorants, powder and rose perfume - so goodness knows what my real pheromones smell like!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Its probably beter in small doses.

Frankie - I'm with you on this one.

Ashok said...

Hairy armpits on a woman are an
instant turn on and the smell
is pure heaven! Nothing makes
me more turned on than to smell
the pungent pheromones from a
woman's pit. Thats why hair
grows there and smells that way.
Nature is not stupid. People
who shave are!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Ashook in every way. The hairier and more (naturally) scented, the better!.


For years I have been obsessed with hairy armpits and legs are both sexy and beautiful. My friends give much strife because I date a girl I guess you call a earth girl or hippie who does not shave her armpits or legs. I respect the fact that she does not bend to social expectations that women must shave their armpits and legs to be considered socially acceptable. She stand by the fact that it natural for women to have hair on both their armpits and legs or god would not have put it there. I love her for the very fact that she does not entertain men's expectations that she must do it or else. After researching women shaving their armpits and legs I was surprised to find out that it is just been in the last 50 years or so that it was expected that a woman shave those most delicate areas. I just wanted to know what both other women and men think about this subject. Am I crazy to love hairy women or am I a freak. Any thought or comments will be appreciated. Thanks for your replies.

Hairy Woman Lover

Anonymous said...

No Hairy Woman lover... you are not a freak. It is natural and you are drawn to what to the very essence of woman. I find shaving, false nails, fake hair and wings, fake lashes and caked on make-up to be the very things that keep us from who we are and our connection with others and the world. I have hairy arms, legs, armpits and a head full of hair. Because I am natural, many men think I wear weaves as an African American female. If I'm comfortable with them, I will often let them touch my natural tresses. They are generally shocked to find that it is all mine and then engage upon thinking about what else is hairy on me. I think when a woman isn't afraid to sport her very nature a man will be more open to illustrating what he truly finds attractive.

Anonymous said...

I'm a young woman who has been going against the grain for years now. I had to face a lot of opinions against body hair on me and on women in general, from the random stranger on the street, to classmates at school, to my very own relatives.

I don't mind that shaving is practised in our society. What disturbs me is closed-mindedness and strong obsessive attitudes most people seem to have about the presence of body hair on women, and now on men as well. I also find it amusing when men who prefer hairy women try to convince the rest that natural is better. Where's the balance? Where are the colours as opposed to black and white thinking?

Although I don't shave my rather hairy legs, I prefer to trim my armpits, and I'd like to get a buzz cut. What now? Will I belong to any group at all?