Monday, September 15, 2008

My Way.

This is an indulgent personal post - stimulated by Janice Hooper and an anonymous comment on another post over the last day or two. Their general entirely reasonable point has been made by several others - usually supporters.

At about the age of 12, I developed a forceful temperament. Not overly aggressive, but 'Never a step backwards' became a personal style. Around the rugby fields of the Midlands I became known as the 'Paul Ringer of Mid Wales'. Rugby fans will know what that means. Over the years, I worked hard to drive out this 'dark side' - and been so successful that Janice and others who comment on my blog occasionally accuse me of being politically wimpish. Since this appearance of reason and reasonableness is the result of a conscious decision, I will try to offer an explanation.

I suppose it started when I first ventured forth from our hill sheep farm in search of a breeding partner. Experience quickly informed that compromise was a precursor to success. And then children, where an unnatural gentleness was essential. The final nail in the coffin of the belief in winning argument by force was hammered in when I reached the age of 32. My father died, leaving me to run the family business, and I was elected to Montgomeryshire District Council in the same month. Suddenly what mattered were 'outcomes', both political and financial. Its been the same ever since.

Some 15 months ago, the Montgomeryshire Conservative Association adopted me as their candidate for the next General Election. Although I needed a 11.4% swing to win, I decided that there was a strategy that might deliver an unlikely victory - instill in the thoughts of the people of Montgomeryshire that we are, first and foremost, committed to public service in their interests. The media give huge unbalanced publicity to my Liberal Democrat opponent, so we have to go direct to the people - and focus rigidly on our commitment to public service. That's what we do. Generally, I ignore the activities of the Montgomeryshire MP. He does it his way. So far, our strategy has gone rather well. Last May we took 6 of the Montgomeryshire seats on Powys County Council. (We had never won a single election before). Many people who have never voted Conservative before are telling us that they are now with us. I genuinely believe that I'm now in with a chance of winning. Often I'm told that the Liberal Democrats will 'play dirty' using a 'rumour network' - suggesting that I should do the same. Sometimes we might feel like that, but why change a winning strategy.

Occasionally, I will attack the Liberal Democrats, and sometimes criticise the current MP. But I believe the strategy we have adopted is that most likely to deliver - and I want to win.


Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Rugby fans will know what that means.
Yeah - getting your retaliation in first. :-)

Rhetoric Innes said...

An honest man is a hard man.

Anonymous said...

iremember the way you played rugbya and watched you playing when you came back to welshpool. the leopard never changes its spots. lembit had better beware of crossing you.

Anonymous said...

All very admirable, but this lets your opponent off the hook. There are big isues facing people in rural Wales and yet your comedian MP is making a stand on the subject of a bloody scooter thing. Of what relevance is that to an area that faces post office and hospiatl closures? He's a joke, and an unfunny one at that, but there's no evidence of the Tories in Montgomershire hammering that home to the electorate. You have the ammunition - use it. Some might argue that you have a duty to do so, It would be a disaster if he got re-elected.

frankie said...

Your strategy is the right one Glyn. The old adage 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' does not exactly ring true as far as your opponent is concerned - he has done himself irreparable harm with his almost feverish pursuit of publicity. Keep your dignity Glyn, that will always win you respect even from people who don't like Tory policies.

Unixman said...

As a Shropshire Lad (and I mean just over the border!) I keep a active interest what happens on t'other side of the Dyke (no smut please!). Be of and with the people and you will be fine

Glyn Davies said...

aberavon - its the best way.

rhetoric - nothing wrong with being 'hard' - when there's a purpose.

anonI was hoping everyone would have forgotten - and forgiven.

anon - I would agree with you if the people of Montgomeryshire were not fully aware of the position. It is true that the Tories are not "hammering home" any negative messages. 'Never wrestle with a chimneysweeep' is sound advice.

frankie and unixman - Thanks. At least someone agrees.

Anonymous said...

I would realy let the Lib Dems in Maldwyn do their own thing and just get on with doing what you do best Glyn.

Listening to people;responding to their views and seeing that our County is heard in CARDIFF and LONDON and not seen as Anti Cardiff or London.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Well said