Sunday, September 07, 2008

Anticipation of Fame

Our neighbour is a blacksmith. Not any old blacksmith, more an artist with iron. His name is William O'Brien and he lives and works in Berriew. The reason that my blog has been a bit sleepy over the weekend is that I've been otherwise occupied - and one of the things I've been occupied doing was attending an exhibition of William's work. The reason I mention this is that if William O'Brien becomes a blacksmith of international renown, you will have heard it here first. The 'Large Poppies' featured was my favorite work.

Another name to note is Roger Hughes, a farmer from Trefeglwys. He was simply brilliant as the master of ceremonies and everything else at Saturday night's Strictly Come Dancing in the Village Hall. I was one of the judges, taking the Louis role. I couldn't be the Simon Cowell of the panel. No point in throwing votes away. I'll never forget John the Bull (he's a breeder of Charollais bulls before you get the wrong idea) mincing along in the ballet competition, or Russell's smouldering performance in the Paso Doble. And Jo's white knickers caused a bit of a stir in the Jive - especially for the lorry driver who paid £200 for them when she auctioned them off at the end of the night. He even had to take them off himself. For the record Jo was not prepared to auction off her underknickers. No idea how much they'd have made. All in all, a great evening's entertainment, and for my money, Roger Hughes is worth more than Jonathon Ross and Graham Norton put together. There's so much talent hidden away in the Welsh hills.

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