Thursday, June 11, 2009

William Hague's Brilliance.

I've already watched this speech by William Hague twice. It is absolutely brilliant, and anyone who appreciates the use of the English Language to entertain (using the word in its broadest sense) should take out ten minutes to watch it.


Helen said...

This man is a genius, shame more people didn't support him when they had the chance! Thank you for bringing this speech to our attention, it would have been a shame to miss a brilliance.

Christopher Wood said...

Listening to it now. Hague is very skillful at debate - "brilliant in fact".

Very funny speech dotted with very important points.

Reminds me of Hague's "EU Nightmare speech"/"Blair on Maneuvers" speech ... "the awful moment when the motorcade of the European President sweeps into Downing Street ..." had me in stitches.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

... and 'aside' ... I don't know if you can see Charles Krauthammer on cable in Wales/UK, but oh boy, Krauthammer is a person to listen too.

Not a huge amount of humor/humour, but his absolutely keen rat/mouse/cat/big-cat ... T-Rex-trap mind is something to behold.

Like Achilles with his innate fighting skills "favoured by the Gods", Krauthammer's keen analytical mind is such that if there is a God, then God played a role in making the grey stuff in Krauthammer's head.

There are few people I make time for on a regular basis - one of them is Krauthammer, I tune my DVR machine (a "TIVO") to record shows that Krauthammer appears on, and I wind the TIVO to just the bits where Krauthammer gives his thoughts on issues of the day.

Krauthammer is arguably the most brilliant political commentator in the USA. Politicians from all sides and levels hang on every word that Krauthammer utters. It would not be an exaggeration to write that Krauthammer impacts on American political thinking at the highest levels.

The man's analytical skill is, imho, very close to perfection this side of God's creation.

Glyn Davies said...

The reason he's so good is that his speeches are astute and funny.