Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Must be the hot weather.

Been catching up on yesterday's Telegraph, and been shocked by the fall in standards of British politeness. First there was Anna Pascoe, the Lib Dem Council candidate seeking a place on Cornwall County Council who distributed leaflets describing her Cornish Nationalist opponent, Stuart Cullimore as a "greasy haired tw*t". Wouldn't last long in today's Tory Party with language like that. Since I know nothing of Mr Cullimore, and less about about what passes for normal debate in Cornwall, I cannot comment on what degree of justification there might have been - but it seems a bit strong to me.

And then on the next page, I read about Mr Clive Robinson of Spalding, who called his German neighbour a "schweinhund", which does not sound at all polite - especially since she's a lady named Christine Hurst. In his defence Mr Robinson claims he was shouting at one of his own dogs. Seems that 'schweinhund' translates as 'pig dog'. Lincoln Crown Court are going to have to decide this one.

On to the next page, and golfers are at it. Mr Barry Barnes and three friends were playing the 13th at Stockwood Park Golf Course, near Luton, when they noticed Mr Harold Stafford shouting at them from the 3rd. He was shouting so loudly that Mr Barnes missed his putt. Seems he was accusing Mr Barnes of playing his ball. Mr Stafford then drew his pitching wedge and began clubbing Mr Barnes over the head, and when he fell to the ground continued to club his head, and kick his body. Perhaps we should send the Labour Cabinet out for a round or two - as a sort of bonding session.


Padstow Poodle said...

Tw*t is the Cornish for pixie

Welsh southerner said...

While living/working/studying in the North West a vicar/moderator/priest (I can't remember which, but he was in 'plain clothes') shook my hand, 'as they do', at what past as the church exit door, and upon hearing my accent said, "Oh, ur a southerner". But there was such an inflection on 'southerner' that it sounded almost like an insult. I guess he was right in part, I was from South Wales.

Anonymous said...

Not another, James Purnell .......... Don't panic , don't panic ..... get that printing press rolling for the election Glyn