Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peonies, Poppies and Pokers

We have never grown many peonies, but this may change. This new variety, that Mrs D found somewhere is excellent. It stands upright, and still looks good after rain. Do not know what its called, but I'd buy more if I saw some at a garden centre. They can be divided, but take a while to recover, and I've become less patient. I could do with a dozen of them - and I could do with them now.

Oriental poppies are really good value at this time of year, in the gap between Azaleas and most summer herbaceous colour. They can look a bit untidy, but they are much more reliable than I used to think. They come in a range of colours and are worth looking after.

A peony that we've grown for years, and has become very common is Bowl of Beauty. They stand up fairly well, but are best if planted amongst other plants which help keep them upright. This variety is always covered in colour, and both long lived and dependable.

Since I'm featuring mid June flower heads today, I thought I should include the most commonly grown Kniphofia of all. Although I've become a bit picky with pokers, and grow dozens of different sorts, there's none more reliable or easy as this one. I do have a very nice small yellow out at the moment, but its nothing like as showy as this.

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JPT said...

Very nice - good to see you enjoying the rare sun!