Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Government falling apart at the seams.

One day soon, nothing worth blogging about will happen in British politics. But not today. Another amazing day. First off the blocks was Labour MP, David Chayter who is to stand down at the next General Election. Soon followed by former Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt - and then current Minister, Beverly Hughes, both of whom are calling it a day. Next bit of news was that Home Secretary, Jackie Smith is resigning office, for the sake of her family - closely followed by Labour Minister, Tom Watson, who was recently linked to the 'Smeargate' scandal. And finally (though its still only ten-o-clock) Labour MP, Dr Ian Gibson was banned from standing again. Makes you wonder where its going to end.

Perhaps it will end in a General Election. Next week, the House of Commons will debate a motion tabled by Plaid Cymru and the SNP, that this devalued Parliament should be dissolved. I anticipate that it will be supported by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. I wonder whether my Montgomeryshire MP will turn up to vote this time! Labour still have a majority over all other parties of 63, so Gordon Brown should win the vote. He will not win the debate though. Its not a vote of no confidence, but I would expect there to be no pairing and arm twisting of MPs to turn up to vote.

I learned of all these happenings on Drive on Radio Five, during which I listened to an appalling example of BBC pro-Labour bias. A BBC reporter was in Redditch, supposedly conducting a 'vox pop'. Now last week, the BBC did the same thing next door in Bromsgrove, where every interview was with someone who wanted my good friend, Julie Kirkbride out - and they had their way. Today, by some wonderful coincidence the BBC reporter could find only people full of praise for Jackie Smith. An elderly gentleman, who gave every impression of having been thoroughly checked out beforehand was dutifully telling us how good an MP she had been. It was so brazenly blatant that Peter Allen butted in and asked a couple of more relevant questions, which elicited the opinion that "she should go". Makes no difference though. The people of our country are no longer swallowing this rubbish. The Home Secretary is going, and could well be replaced as an MP by another friend of mine, Karen Lumley sometime during the next four months


Daran said...

Why just the partial story on yesterday, Glyn?

You forgot Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon becoming the second cabinet minister in 24 hours to repay money he claimed on his designated second home; and also didn't cover the sneak preview of the Guardian's editorial today.

You're being kinder on Labour than I thought you'd be!

Bonetired said...

I am coming to the conclusion that - despite my fears about getting bad apples reselected - the only way out of this mess is a General Election.
The only problem is Brown. You will see the scratch marks on the door to No 10 before he is prised out.

I note that the Grauniad has called for Brown to go now. The problem with that argument is - irrespective of the fact that the British vote for the party and not the Prime Minister - that most people will not tolerate 2 unelected PMs on the trot. More petrol for the General Election fire.

Glyn Davies said...

Daran - I've avoided commenting on any of the claims thay MPs have made, or repaymentys etc.. This post was about the 'Five resignations and a Sacking', (two days before a nation wide election) - and again I didn't comment on what they might or might not have done. This blog tries to be fair to all parties at all times!

Bonetired - I came to that conclusion weeks ago, and not as some opportunistic stance. The people of Britain now look on this Parliament as flawed and worthy only of contempt - and it will not change until people have had their say. Its theonly way Parliament can regain any authority.

Anonymous said...

Things are indeed hotting up, I think we will be rid of Brown before the leaves of autumn fall.

B Griffiths said...

Now Hazel Blears has gone too. The phrase 'Rats fleeing the sinking ship' has never been more apt.

Anonymous said...

The ginger dwarf Hazel Blears has gone - September general election anyone?

Frugal Dougal said...

In the present absence of a general election, the Council and European elections will be a referendum on the Government's [erformance, and the BNP is waiting with open arms for those fleeing from Labour's collapsing edifice. Please remember that every vot will count tomorrow - uncast as well as cast.

alanindyfed said...


Things are certainly getting to the PM. He will not go voluntarily but pride comes before a fall. His legacy is in tatters so there is no point in hanging on to the bitter end.

Ten pins agoing said...

An aside, but with all the developments of late what with this MP and that MP and this Minister and that one going down like ten-pins ... the Shadow Welsh Secretary is in some soup (re: Welsh universities).

The worm is turning in Glyn's favour ... MP -> actual Welsh Secretary!

No, I don't expect Glyn to comment on the long odds shortening in real time ... so to speak.

alanindyfed said...

The Conservatives need to formulate a clear policy with regard to Wales and other devolved nations if they want to avoid trouble down the line.
Where do they stand on referenda
and other important policy matters
and which further powers will be devolved(if any!)?

Glyn Davies said...

Roman - Gordon Brown could be gone next week. I've never seen anything like the present position and anything could happen.

BG and anon - Brown is learning something I learned many years ago - try not to cross a woman with red hair.

Frugal D - I believe that many votes will be cast for Ukip, as a protest against Mainstream parties, and as a staement of their concern about what they see an unstoppable integration. I still expect the Conservatives to do very well.

alanindyfed said...

True, I was once married to one (a woman with red hair, and a Scorpio!)

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - So did I, almost 40 years ago, and they don't become less fiery.