Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Diversionary Stunts.

Its so irritating when blatant political stunts succeed. Today we had some really idiotic demonstrators throwing eggs at Nick Griffin, providing the BNP leader with the publicity he was seeking. Watching Newsnight tonight was enough to induce despair in the calmest soul. There was newly elected Nick Griffin given a wonderful platform to appear statesmanlike, (honestly that's how he came across) while the case against fascism was handed to a man who publicly disavowed democracy and free speech, and piled up even more votes for the BNP at the same time. Poor old Simon Hughes, the Lib Dem MP was manfully trying to introduce some truth and common sense into the debate, but it was no good. Our media ensured that the stunt had worked like a dream.

But it didn't work as well as the other stunt featured on Newsnight tonight. How can any serious political commentator give any credibility whatsoever to the leak of Gordon Brown's proposals for electoral reform. How can anyone not see that this is an outrageous diversionary stunt. The current problem with our constitution is that some MPs have been abusing the expenses system, and ripping off the taxpayer. The only reason our Prime Minister is talking about electoral reform and democratising the House of Lords is to try to persuade us to think about something else. Its really depressing that those who decide what is news, have taken a decision that such an obvious diversionary stunt should be presented as news. Thank goodness for Derek Simpson of the Unite trade union (never expected to say that) who was on the panel, saying what almost everyone who was watching such trumped up garbage was thinking. Its enough to make me join the calls to question the continuation of the licence fee. Consolation is that the public will not believe a word of it. And someone else on the programme said that he thought Alistair Darling's forecasts for economic growth were likely to be correct. Just pass me the revolver. Perhaps tonight's edition was meant to double as a comedy programme.


alanindyfed said...

Gordon Brown is very adept at diverting attention from the real issue, which is HIM. He uses many ploys to direct the attention of the public towards other matters. He now has Milord Mandelson (with 3 titles) on his side to assist in these tactics with his smooth-talking rhetoric and glib platitudes. Fortunately it appears that the public in general have not bought into it, particularly over his glorification of Britishness.

Bonetired said...

I am as cynical as you about Brown's constitutional reform. Virtually all of these initiatives have been with one thing in mind: how to increase the likely hood of a Labour victory - or at least how to discomfort the Tories.

Brown has a track record on this. A few weeks ago when the expenses scandal broke he came up with a back-of-a-fag-packet bunch of ideas which included forcing MPs to declare outside earnings. This was directed purely at the Conservatives and he was making a straight political attack on the Conservatives.

Fortunately both Cameron and Clegg tore these ideas to shreds and Brown was forced to u turn.

Frank H Little said...

It appears that the group which demonstrated is a front for the Socialist Workers Party. (Liberal Vision posting refers).

Certainly the rhetoric from the woman interviewed by Eddie Mair on PM yesterday sounded depressingly familiar Trotskyite tosh.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

The 'name of the game' is the 'market place of ideas'.

When idiots throw eggs and stop BNP speaking they are actually playing right into BNP's hands. What UTTER IDIOTS.

If people think BNP is run by idiots, think again. Their leader is an Oxbridge graduate. Yes, there are thugs and challenged individuals populating their ranks who just accept what they are told like minions and thereby provide 'foot-soldiers' and more particularly, future foot-soldiers.

BNP play to people's fears, and the elitist political parties who seem more concerned with staying as long as possible on the gravy train are playing right into BNP's hands. Just look at how Labour MPs have acquiesced, preferring another year of guaranteed income instead of doing what’s right. When politicians become more interested in serving their own cause and the public realize it, people like the BNP benefit.

'Make no mistake', organizations like the BNP seek to get the upper hand using the tools of fear and apathy, and of course they will exploit public disgust at such things as the recent expense scandal.

The politically correct (PC) crowds are actually playing right into the hands of the BNP and their ilk.


By not allowing open and free debate and with their own threat of labeling British people as racist, the PC crowd are not opening up the debate, but shutting it down/rending it still-born, and British/European society is left outside the market place of ideas and BNP gains more support.

In essence, the PC crowd and those that seek to shut down debate by means of direct action like that absolutely STUPID egg throwing debacle PLAYS RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF BNP.

If we are not careful and use our heads, like a launching ship, BNP will slip into mainstream politics and Europe will shift to the extreme right and will be back on the bandwagon of hunting down groups of humans and assigning them to death camps.

Oh yes it can happen, it already has.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

It's all coming down to *jobs*jobs*jobs*jobs* ... if folks in general had good jobs and confidence in their offspring and extended families having good job prospects then BNP would be no-where.

One of the reasons why I push the issue of job creation so hard, and why I want to see the back of the Welsh Labour 'party' ASAP. Welsh Labour have crushed job hopes, few believe them when they talk about a sustainable economy.

It is also the reason why I support Welsh Conservatives, not because I like them, but because they believe firmly in the private sector's role in creating real jobs – essentially in creating HOPE in Wales.

Welsh Labour has expanded jobs in the public sector and as a result created a monster that has to be supported through high business rates on the very people who create jobs in the private sector.

Welsh Labour has failed to harness Wales's #1 asset - ITS PEOPLE.

Wales is populated with world-class universities, but unlike many foreign universities in former third world countries, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has done very little to turn Welsh discoveries into job creation - instead, Rhodri Morgan talks about convoluted ideas about job-creation and as a result Wales is paying the piper's price for an incompetent WAG headed up by Rhodri Morgan.

Wales's job future is in grave peril, and we will see BNP and their ilk take full advantage.

Welsh Labour has failed to give a voice to the genuine concerns of the working-class in Wales.

Welsh Labour is an elitist party, focused on self, staying in power, and playing the Conservative party bogey man card for TOO LONG. Way too Long and ‘it don’t wash anymore’.

Welsh people are beginning to see through Welsh Labour.

Wales needs JOBS.

Welsh Labour is not going to deliver jobs.

Welsh Labour is stuck in a time-warp, out of touch with what Wales needs.

Welsh Labour is sucking Wales dry of hope and prosperity.

That is their end game.

That is why Wales needs Welsh Labour out of power.

VOTE, BUT VOTE GLYN DAVIES - GD understands what Wales needs.