Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waste of Beachreading Time

David Cameron seems to be raising the temperature of his language when commenting on the Prime Minister and his policies. Today's Telegraph front page has him accusing Mr Gordon Brown of "deceit, dishonesty and deception". He's also reported as warning that Britain faces "riots in the streets" if Gordon Brown's dishonesty over public spending enables Labour to win the next General Election. Personally, I see Gordon Brown as looking more unbelievable by the day - and today I reckon the Prime Minister lost it completely. Irvin Stelzer covers it well in tomorrow's edition.

Lets look at where we are. Our Government has spent so much more money than it has available, and our national debt has grown so large that the Governor of the Bank of England and respected bodies like the OECD are informing the Prime Minister publicly that we must have a plan for reducing debt if the UK is to remain solvent - something we have never heard before. The national debt is heading towards levels last seen immediately after the Second World War. Our economy is heading for meltdown - and our Prime Minister announces billions more public spending.

There are some consolations. Firstly, now that the headline spending figures have been reported (the objective), Government spokespersons are changing the story and telling us that its just moving current spending commitments around. Secondly, in the interviews I've seen these spokespersons have that look in their eyes which tell us that they do not themselves believe what they are saying. They look as if they are lying, and know they are lying. And thirdly Government Ministers are in too much of a state of confusion to do anything significant anyway. For example, yesterday Lord Mandelson said that the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review will not take place before next summer, while this morning Liam Byrne denied it, telling us that the Chancellor will inform us about this in due course. And on Newsnight tonight, a Government Minister said that the Conservatives can have access to information that George Osborne has been demanding. Bet you its not true, and will be denied tomorrow. And fourthly, if Gordon Brown carries on with this incredible fantasy, there will be no chance of him and his team being re-elected to continue destroying Britain. Just a few months more to go, but my heart bleeds for my country.


Anonymous said...

New Labour Big-wigs, using Primary School teacher phrases, are smuggly pointing out the possible 10% cuts in public spending under a future Tory Government. New Labour are also going to have to make equally high cuts due to the terrible state of the public finances (not that they will admit it), or if they plan to continue to spend at current levels, they are going to mortgage all our futures for short-term electoral gains. A majority of the electorate actually want a reduction in public spending according to a recent poll. I really hope the British public are not stupid enough to be bribed by their own and their children's money!!!!

That city on a hill said...

Yes, yes and yes - terrible things our PM is doing - gross, horrible, dreadful, appalling, and in the eyes of David Cameron the man he accuses of "deceit, dishonesty and deception" should go quickly into the night.

Well, on a brighter note, the Welsh should, in my humble view, be proud this week - the Smithsonian Festival in DC is in full swing. The First Minister has helped with essentially apolitical speeches focusing on Welsh culture and Wales's often overlooked role in building what we now know as the United States of America.

International Business Wales (IBW) are putting every effort into promoting Wales as a place to invest and (so long as I didn't break anything when I failed (regardless of mitigating circumstances) to show up at a pub in DC to watch a game that begins with "R") then Wales might see the start of a national competition (something to be fair I have been promoting) to connect with the 'little people', the youngsters and seniors with ideas but no real connection with the means to turn their ideas into tangible innovation that can boost the nation we call Wales.

Wales, regardless of what Gordon Brown is doing, should stand separate, be confident, because the mechanisms to rebuild its economy are starting to weld together.

We can spend billions of EU money on this, that and the other thing, but its the little people, who don't need much, who hold one of the keys to the multi-combination lock that once opened will release the super-volcanic potential that is at the heart of Wales.

Believe IT! Believe in WALES!

Glyn Davies said...

Roman - The reference to 10% cuts made by Conservative Health Spokesman, Andrew Lansley was based on the figures the Chancellor announced as Labour cuts in his Budget. That's why Gordon Brown's line is so disreputable and so embarrassing to Alistair Darling.

TCOAH - Pleased to read it. I read your letter in today's Western Mail. If you carry on in this vein, Rhodri might offer you a job as an advisor!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Thanks Glyn!

Anonymous said...

Labour back down over the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, ID cards are no longer to be compulsory, the Iraq enquiry to be held in public, MPs expenses review defeated in the Commons, nationalisation of the failed East Coast rail line.... spiralling national debt. That is Gordon Brown's legacy!

TCOAH said...

It's a funny old Roman world at times. Now, that was 'was' The Roman Empire.

It seems it has taken two consecutive British Labour PMs to do to England what England's greatest enemy could not do, turn England into a rudderless, confused 'basket case' of a nation.

Right or wrong, this is not just the legacy of Gordon Brown - Tony Blair obviously played a HUGE role. The PC crowd promulgated by the Labour left-wing has shredded the British will. Many Brits seek to leave their country, not because they don’t love it, but because they don’t see a future for them or their future kids.

If Obama hamstrings the US economy with policies like 'cap n'trade' - the US economy will start to ape that of Europe - low growth even in 'good times' … of course in contrast to the growth rates on the other side of the world. Europe will see even higher young adult unemployment and Europe will lose face vis-à-vis the Far East.

Look at the facts: the Europe leaning Democratic Party has control of both Senate and the House of Representatives, and the White House, and the US Supreme Court is historically loath to rein in the Executive of one party when that party also controls both Houses.

If Obama does a “Gee Bee” on the US economy, Europe will double downshift … another reason why Wales needs to tangibly innovate - it's not "IT" but "TI" that will save the Welsh economy and boost Welsh families confidence and hope vis-à-vis their kids’ future.

PS - you joked Glyn that Rhodri Morgan might want to hire me as an advisor - Wales needs 'all hands on deck'. One of those 'hands' is a certain Welsh guy with critical-of-high-value knowledge to small Welsh businesses (any Welsh business with less than 500 employees, there is a technical reason for this number). If Rhodri doesn’t want me, your party should …