Sunday, June 07, 2009

Euro Election in Montgomeryshire

Been considering the number of votes cast in the Euro election in Montgomeryshire. Terrific result for us. We came home first with 4247 votes, with UKIP in second place. Now this is a surprise. Montgomeryshire is looked on as a Liberal Democrat stronghold - and they have been pushed down into 3rd place! We received 1500 more votes than they did. I shouldn't think that the Conservatives have ever beaten the Liberals/Liberal Democrats in Montgomeryshire by such a handsome margin. All looks a bit promising for the General Election.

The votes cast in Montgomeryshire were;

Conservative - 4247
UKIP - 2993
Lib Dem - 2757
Plaid - 2016
Greens - 1362
Labour - 994
BNP - 884


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

BRILLIANT news Glyn!

Dewi Harries said...

Congratulations - I always forget the effect on majorities of such dismal turnouts - but excellent Tory result.

Bonetired said...

Well done!!

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher, Dewi and Bonetired - It is stunningly good news for us. Its also a good result for UKIP, and ok for Plaid, the Greens and the BNP. Its a very bad night for the Liberal Democrats and for Labour in Montgomeryshire. I have a General Election campaign meeting tomorrow morning, and I'm sure we will feel a surge of optimism. We know this result is on a low turnout, and voters may take a different view at a Geneeral election, but I do feel that our 'team' approach is paying dividends.

Helen said...

Brilliant news, things are looking good!!
Well done you!!

Sarah said...

B & R votes are in!

Con 6135,
Lab 1965,
Lib dem 4858,
UKIP 2818,
Plaid 1623,
BNP 615,
Green 1511,

It's a good result!

Anonymous said...

the shame of being from b and r and having the blues in top spot,
luckily across the nation i don't see it as good conservative night...hardly making huge ground at all, very surprising, lib dems disaster.....and as forthe BNP. hame on nearly 1500 powys residents.

Anonymous said...

Since you are collating bad Lib Dem results and good Conservative results, here is another - Ceredigion
Plaid Cymru 6725
Liberal Democrats 3642
Conservative 2869
UKIP 1755
Green 1481
Labour 1329

Good night for Plaid in Ceredigion.

Bonetired said...

Now you must build upon this victory and make certain that Montgomeryshire - and as much of Wales as possible - turns blue at the next general election. I know you won't be complacent but nothing is guaranteed even after a victory such as this.

Anonymous said...

A very satisfactory night, looks like the Lib-Lab Left is finally been given its marching orders, for a very long walk off a very short plank. What can Gordon do now? Fall on his sword? Or be carried kicking and screaming on to it? Today should reveal the answer....

Anonymous said...

You beat the Lib Dems by 2080 votes in the 2007 list election in Montgomeryshire.

Con 7191
LD 5111