Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Favourite Bond.

Was walking down Broad Street in Welshpool this afternoon, when I was accosted by two young women armed with clipboards, and photographer, Phill Blagg trailing along behind them. Was I willing to answer a topical question, and have my photograph taken. OK I said. Perhaps they wanted to know whether I think we should pull out of Iraq, or whether rural Wales should be covered with wind farms. Turned out they wanted to ask "Who is your favourite James Bond". An easy one for me. Daniel Craig - because he is only 5' 10'' and a bit, same height as me. Every other Bond has been well over 6', same height as Lembit Opik.


Sarah Millington said...

I agree Daniel Craig is a very good James Bond, although admittedly our reasons are probably somewhat different. I no doubt like thousands of other women think Daniel Craig is definetly what Bond should be, handsome, got a bit of a rough around the edges look, looks like he could keep you safe in a storm!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Well Gordon Brown is going to have to turn into James Bond to survive his party's loss of Glasgow East - wow - SNP got it. I can't see Brown surving this unless his own back benchers decide to let him stay so that they can ride the gravy train for the remainder of Labour's term.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and about as permissive as Grope-it Opik!
What a great result in Glasgow East

Glyn Davies said...

Sarah - I've been told that I'm a bit 'rough around the edges' myself.

Christopher - Result hasn't quite sunk in with Labour yet. It will be something to browse on when they are lying on their sun loungers over the summer.

anon - will be blogging on Glasgow East tonight, if I can stay awake that is.

Anonymous said...

Oh Daniel Craig hands down, what a lovely sexy young man
VM wondering about a toy boy