Tuesday, July 15, 2008

50 inch knickers.

Last week's newspapers carried photographs of what were claimed to be Queen Victoria's knickers (or bloomers). They had a 50 inch waist. Blimey thought I, that's a fair girth. But today's 'Letters' in the Telegraph comes up with a possible explanation. Maggie Hughes on Gnosall writes to say that her granny, which must be getting back to Her Majesty's time, used to wear very long vests and roll them up into a huge 'pad' around her waist, and tuck it into her knickers. And there was a television satire programme that suggested that at least one of our male Prime Ministers supposedly tucked his vest into his Y-fronts, which would have had the same effect (if it were true that is). As the old Chinese proverb says 'You can't tell the size of potatoes from the size of the bag they're in'.


Anonymous said...

Extract from "Welshman in America" ...

Many men ask their other half what they want for their birthday. At least some of us do this to avoid the many pitfalls that can otherwise happen such as forgetting to buy a present or getting the wrong present.

So I asked my then young and very pretty wife who told me to get her something from Victoria's Secrets on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. This was not the response I wanted, I wanted specificity - I wanted to know exactly what she wanted. A book by her favourite author, a CD collection by her favourite singer, a new cell phone - whatever, so long as it was clear what she wanted.

I did what many men do when faced with such a predicament - I 'asked the lady behind the counter'. Looking back I can't remember what I bought her, I guess I cancelled it out of my mind, which kind of tells me I got the wrong present even though I asked her what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

Tenuous link but perhaps you should send the knickers to your Member of Parliament. Following his break-up with his Cheeky Girl, it would be the closest he'll get to women's underwear for some time!!! Ho Ho.

Nick, BBC Wales Web Team said...

Regarding tucking things into your knickers!; a contributor to our website, Margaret Tucker, 84, shares some old photos and memories about the knickers she wore way back when, as a child, they were so big, 'you could tuck your dress in them'. More here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/northeast/sites/mold_town/pages/film4.shtml

Glyn Davies said...

anon - thanks for the reminder. Its Mrs D's birthday next Tuesday.

anon - a comment in rather poor taste. Anyway, it seems that there is no break-up.

Nick - when I started school, all the girls used to do 'gym' wearing very fulsome 'serge' navy blue knickers. Really can't imagine such a thing happening these days.