Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Crime against Humanity

Christopher Booker, who writes for the Sunday Telegraph, is no fan of the European Union. That is an understatement. But today's attack is fully justified. This blog has been at one with Christopher about the evils of a mass switch of farm crops from producing food into producing biofuels. Everyone now realises what a disastrous policy it has been, Everyone except the foolish people who decide on European Commission policy that is.

I don't expect Government's to act on this blog's advice. Not all the time anyway. But last week, the Chairman of the UK Renewable Fuels Agency advised the British Government to change tack, and concentrate on wood and crop wastes. The British Government accepted the advice immediately, but not the European Commission. Oh No. High food prices, and the violence that follows hunger, is nothing to do with biofuels according to the Commission. Its rising demand, bad weather and speculators. As Christopher Booker ends his article today "this crime against humanity looks set to continue.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Have to concur with Glyn Davies et al.

It is a "crime against humanity" and a shocking one at that. I am for biotechnology - the sensible bits, but not biofuels obtained from food crops. Imho, that is insanity per se.

John Marks said...

Glyn Davies said...
Don't do it NM. Leave the door open. You might want to call back sometimes. You're going to leave a too big hole where a normal mouth used to be.

10:38 AM

Why worry about Normal mouth going?
Hardly support for the Conservatives was he??

Glyn Davies said...

John - Normal Mouth didn't like Conservatives at all, but he always argued his corner lucidly and with vigour. I liked that. The Welsh blogosphere will be diminished without NM in my view.

John Marks said...

Glyn for goodness sake, they are either for us or against us.
we need every vote we can get fro the next election.
It's no use having any truck with those NOT for us.
Thet enemy needs destroying for the harm they have done to the country.
Knowing his position within the Senedd, he should not have been posting in any case.

Glyn Davies said...

John - Seems that I'm the only one who doesn't know who NM is. You raise an interesting point about strategy - and what could well be our different approaches. If I needed a 5% swing to win, perhaps your uncompromising approach would be adaquate. But I need a 13% swing. So it seems to me a no-brainer to be unfriendly to supporters of other parties that have to switch to me if I'm to have any chance.