Sunday, July 20, 2008

High Season Colour

Tis the season when Heleniums start to really make their mark. But I'm not at all sure that this is one! Tell me if you know. Its no more than 18 inches high. Background are Hemerocallis and the ubiquitous Pokers.
Now this is a Helenium. I will be cutting most of them on Thursday, because I'm charged with doing the pedestals in Llanfechain Church for Tim and Adrienne's wedding next weekend. There will be a yellow theme to the arrangements. To the left are Verbascums, which seed themselves about our garden. I let a few of them flower every year, especially the white ones. And behind another group of pokers.
We always grow some Monarda. They smell nice, attract butterflies and are very easy to grow - and a bit unusual. Behind is a favorite bush of ours, a Leycestaria formosa. Unusually, its a yellow leaved one that seeds itself readily - so we have a few dotted around.

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nice flowers!