Saturday, July 05, 2008

Join Dan

Next Wednesday, my Montgomeryshire Conservative colleague Dan Munford, is heading up to Hull, to join the David Davis campaign in Haltemprice and Howden. He's attending an evening Question Time session with David, Bob Marshall-Andrews and Shami Chakrabari. Dan's driving up, so he has three seats available for anyone who wants to travel with him. If you're interested, telephone my office on 01938 552315, or comment.

The attitude of the 'Westminster Village' to the decision of David Davis has demonstrated its growing disconnect with the public. On Wednesday, I was talking to several Labour Parliamentarians who seemed to think this would damage the Conservatives, and that it showed David to be an impetuous man who had acted foolishly. When I said that I thought it would benefit the Conservatives because one of our most high profile politicians had been willing to potentially sacrifice his career in order to campaign on a principle, and the people would like that, they just dismissed it. Its the same sort of disconnect that led so many MPs to vote against changing their allowances system last earlier this week. Public opinion should not be treated in quite such a cavalier way.

I've long been an admirer of David Davis, an admiration that has increased as a result of his stance on personal freedom, and resisting the remorseless advance of the Leviathan state. I cannot join Dan Munford myself next Wednesday, but I will be with him in spirit. Go if you can, and become a part of David Davis' People fight Back campaign.

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