Monday, July 28, 2008


For the last few weeks everything has been BTW at Cil Farm (Beyond The Wedding). Hard to believe that its all over. This morning Alun Price (electrician) and Wrekin Conveniences (obvious) have already been, Derwen Nurseries are due in 30 minutes, the catering equipment company will be along this afternoon, and finally Hinstock Marquees should be along to reclaim their property later today. The refuse collectors and Cae Post recycling have made a record haul on their weekly visit. By tonight, the whole weekend will be confined to memories.

And what memories they will be. The weather was just brilliant. Everything went like a dream. Tim and Adrienne did really look the business. She's from a Fienna Gael family, emanating from the Cork area. Its going to be tough for me, having a family member with strong political opinions, all well thought out, and well argued. Edward and Patrick, the joint best men did a great job, even using a PowerPoint presentation to ensure the entire tentful could see the embarrassing photographs.

I even managed to make a speech myself. It wasn't planned, and I was only programmed to read the cards. The family know that I struggle with the emotional pressure of watching the three 'boys' up there performing as three grown up confident men. But the last card was from Colin and Sarah, who are stuck in Hong Kong, and it was in Chinese. I think I managed to persuade a good half of audience that I was fluent in Chinese. So then I announced that I was going to repeat the message in a language that they could understand, so I did it in Welsh. By now, I was into my stride - and had the freedom to choose words of my choice, when I eventually reached the English translation. Finished up referring to the Anglo-Irish agreement.

It was Paula, from Cork, who delivered the inevitable. The 'Happy Couple' had crossed by boat for photographs on the little island in the middle of our pool. The Irish decided to take the boatriding seriously, with the inevitable result. Anyway, a couple of spins in the tumble drier and her dress was serviceable again. In fact, Paula reckoned that the red wine stains had gone. Derrick also made an impact last night at the Conservative/Parkinson's Disease cocktail do in the marquee, when he flew over the pool in his aeroplane, and after two circuits landed it about 30 meters from the marquee. Most people thought it was Lembit Opik, who flies a similar plane, just dropping in.

Have not seen a newspaper since Friday. No idea what's happened. Has Gordon Brown resigned yet? Has the General Election been called? I can't put it off any longer. Have to face up to life BTW.


Anonymous said...

Fianna Gael is a political party you would be at home in . They are 'practical' nationalists . The great Michael Collins was a founding member.

Anonymous said...

He may feel at home but will he be welcomed? Not until he can spell Fianna properly.

Y plisman iaith

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Sorry if this gets posted twice ... gremlins on blogger or maybe with my computer ...

anyways/milliways ... NEXT STOP MOTHER PARLIAMENT!

Glyn Davies said...

anon 1 - I've already sussed that. Adrienne's brother Dennis, a GP in Cork and a political activist seems a very sound man indeed. But anon 2 is correct. And I'm not going to pretend it was a typo either. I'll not spell Fianna wrongly again.

Ifor Hael said...

You have made bold strides in learning Welsh - spelling Fianna Gael wrong is no great crime .