Thursday, July 17, 2008

Group Meeting

Joined the new Powys County Council Conservative 'Group' meeting at Llandrindod Wells this morning. Its only 9 strong. To readers in the South of England this might seem no big deal. Or in Monmouth or the Vale of Glamorgan for that matter. But in Powys, winning 9 seats in May's Council elections was akin to a blue revolution. The grand total at previous elections would have been none.

I consider myself to be a honorary member of the Group, as does Suzy Davies, our Parliamentary Candidate in Brecon and Radnorshire, and Assembly Member, Nick Bourne. We're very keen to operate as a team. Poeple are suspicious of political groups in Powys and traditionally have stood as and voted for 'Independents'. Our aim is to demonstrate, through the way we behave and preform that belonging to the Conservative Group is the best deal on the Council. I'll do whatever I can to help them do that.

Today we discussed two big issues. Firstly there was a motion before the Council to recommend removal of 'Development Control' powers from the Brecon Beacons National Park. And secondly there was an Assembly paper on restructuring the electoral boundaries of the Council. Both were interesting to me. The first because I pressed for a review of the role of National Parks in exercising the Development Control function when I was Conservative Spokesman with the relevant responsibility in the National Assembly for Wales. And the second because I've 'warned' (if that's the word) that once Councillors were paid a salary which doesn't contain within it a substantial 'voluntary' element, it would follow that the number of councillors would be slashed to the minimum. Can't say much about the discussion. wouldn't be invited again if I did.

Hugely encouraged by the way the group operates. Willingness to compromise and committment to the 'team' and a real sense of knowing where we're going. All of us want to build on the momentuim that we've built up.


Paul said...

What are your thoughts on the Board system Glyn?

Would Powys not be in better shape if it was scraped and replaced with a cabinet system, like almost every other country in the UK?

Sarah Millington said...

Was nice to meet you. Hope you enjoyed the council meeting this morning. I'm glad you like the 'group' - your right we all get on extremely well, we've very quickly become a united group, probably due in large part to the common commitment amongst all 9 of us to work hard for the benefit of our electorate and the people of Powys. In particular I think one of the best things about our group is as you say our willingness to comprimise with each other, discuss issues with each other and our commitment to each other. Obviousbly being the only female amongst the group it does sometimes feel that I'm somewhat outnumbered but then I'm not worried because I have 8 fine men to look after me and protect me what more could any woman ask for!

Anonymous said...

Your councillors show the way the wind is blowing in Montgomeryshire. I voted Tory for the first time in my life in the Council elections and will do so again at the General Election.
Our local MP is a total embarrassment and I feel I'm reflecting the feelings of most sensible people here by saying that you have a huge amount of support in the area. Keep on acting as a group and do your best to get rid of this idiot who claims to represent us. In unity there's strength/

Anonymous said...

Cllr Sarah Millington is looking a bit silly. She needs to prove that she dosen't need to reply on the "protection" of the other members of her group and show that women are equal to their male colleagues.
Pandering to a certain independent member of the council showed a divide in the conservative group at the meeting of the full council on Thursday. And i don't think some of the conservative members were very happy by her actions.

Glyn Davies said...

Paul - Personally, I'm no fan of the Executive Board. Without an 'opposition' the officers will rule. The portfolio holders will work closely with the relevant officer, and there will be no effective 'shadow'. But now that we have Councillors, this is more a matter for them than me.

Sarah - seems to me that you look entirely capable of looking after yourself. The 8 fine men will have to watch their step.

anon - Agreed. Our aim is to have voters see the Conservatives in Montgomeryshire as working together in the service of the constituency.

anon - Why pick on Sarah. Sher weas only joking about 'protection'. Not sure what you mean about the 'Independent member. Perhaps you mean her fellow Llandrindod Councillor, Gary Price - with whom I would expect her to work closely, just as I was pleased to see the 3 Conservative Councillors from Newtown working closely with Bobby Mills and Richard White. No issue here, I think.

gary price said...

Glyn, I know you respect the anonymous post's on your blog? But I would guess the one that refers to Full Council on Thursday would be another fellow PCC Cnty Cllr that does not have the heart to reveal their identity? It's a great shame that they have taken this approach and wonder if they will reveal who they are? I suspect not?

Glyn Davies said...

Gary - I really wouldn't worry about it. Take it from someone who has been around the block a few times. If people talk about you, its because you're having an impact. I do allow anons to comment but if I prefer a name, even if its not a real name. Its helps get the mind of the person commenting

Anonymous said...

Re: Cllr Gary Price comment
Let's just say there are 73 members in that chamber which all undoubtedly link to ears on the outside of the building.
We'll leave it at that shall we.