Friday, November 19, 2010

Watching my Words.

This post might be a tad controversial. Hope not, but I must admit to a smidgen of sympathy for Lord Young. OK, he said something pretty insensitive to those people who are likely to suffer financial pain over the next few years. And inaccurate in that many people will not have "never had it so good". No doubt that its best that he went - just to close down the media frenzy. But the massive hoohah is yet another blow to the gaiety of the English Language in today's politics. In the interests of political balance, I think far too much has been made of the note left behind by Labour's outgoing Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne after the General election when he said that there was "no money left". That was a daft thing to write, deeply insensitive, but it was meant as a joke. What both were guilty of was 'insensitivity'.

But it does make you think. A leading Labour blogger packed up last week. And my blog has been cleansed of anything resembling humour - or assertions designed to provoke reaction. Comments now are generally from trolls, intent on inflicting embarrassment, often by misinterpreting what I write. Or just stupidly abusive. I've taken to just deleting them. My blog used to be a way of engaging visitors in debate. Today, I write it because I quite enjoy doing so, and would not be in the least bit distressed if no-one visited at all. I've no doubt that one day soon, something will happen that knocks it on the head. When I heard Lord Young described as 'a non-paid advisor to the Government' I shivered a bit, because that sounds a bit like a description of a PPS! I really cannot understand why those who commentate on the everyday happenings of political folk in the village of Westminster are so intent on promoting anaesthetised correctness.


Valleys Mam said...

Missing your family updates and pictures Glyn
What labour blogger packed in ?

Glyn Davies said...

VM - Tom Harris, a very good blogger, has called it a day.

Day off tomorrow - I think. If the weather's ok, I'll probably check up on the garden, planning for next year. And baby darragh's with us tonight, so could be a pic of him standing up, which he's just started to do. Ffion is back in Ireland, but I do have a lovely photo of her before she went.

Dave Collins said...

"so called recession" wasn't clever, but the basic point he was trying to make was entirely valid in my opinion. My Party were being opportunist in jumping on it, but you and your colleagues really need to kick off in the '22 and put the control freak spin advisors back in their box!

Glyn Davies said...

Dave - we have to live in today's world. It' not enough to be in part right. Its just not acceptable to use words which carry any insensitivety at all. Lord Young's comments took up most of the front page of the Telegraph, and led on every BBC news bulletin all day. Biggest story of the week. And that's why very few people risk blogging.

xWCHL said...

"Watching My Words"

What about that testicle joke you told me about yesterday? (Only kidding.)

A man, an important man, is wheeled out of surgery and while still very groggy he is sent back to his hospital room with a nurse in attendance.

He asks the nurse, "Are my testicles black?"

The young nurse is not sure how to respond and dithers next to his bed.

"Nurse! Are my testicles black?"

The nurse starts to lift the bed covers to look at the important man's testicles and...

"NURSE! Are my test results back?"

(Based on GW Bush talking about the 41st President's, i.e., his dad's post-surgery adventures on Jay Leno - excerpt from GW's recently published book.)

bonetired said...

Glyn, these are some of the best words that I have read recently. It pained me to see Tom Harris cease blogging - I disagreed with much of what he said but - and this is the important thing - at least he said it. The world would be much poorer if all politicians were the same

"I always voted at my party's call,
And I never thought of thinking for myself at all."

Keep going Glyn You ARE appreciated by all those who know and love your part of the world. (Even if I am an Oswestrian!)