Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More Praise for St Thomas'

Just a quick blog in praise of St Thomas' Hospital. My London flat is near the Lambeth end of Westminster Bridge, opposite St Thomas'. I call in on my way to the House of Commons - and I'm becoming a regular visitor. Usually its to provide a blood sample to check coagulation levels - every Wed morning. I walk, tell the wonderful Enid, who runs the department that I'm there, and I'm out and on my way in 5 minutes. Just brilliant. Today I needed some colostomy equipment, as one of the consequences of the food poisoning that's laid me low over the last two days. Rang the Stoma Dep't, arranged to be in at 5.50, which I was - and I was on my way home at 5.55. When we moved into the flat, we feared that the Hospital, being so near would be a nuisance, with sirens blaring constantly. I was wrong. Its a very big plus. St. Thomas' is a brilliant hospital - in my experience of course.


x-WCHL said...

5:50 PM/AM?

Anonymous said...

i think they are fab too... on late on a friday evening 12th july 1991 they harvested the organs that I had...12 yr old female head injuries RTA, I am enternally grateful to the doners parents (following their daughters wishes to donate after watching a tv programme), the harvesting team, and the transplant team. :)