Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unusual Visitors

They did visit us for a few days last winter. We thought they might nest. We had mixed feelings about this because ever since we built the pond, the same family of Canada Geese have joined us every spring, hatching a family in the shadow of the giant stone. I do not think swans would allow anyone else to nest closeby. Anyway, its rather nice to have two of Her Majesty's property visiting to celebrate the royal engagement with us. I hope they will be very happy and breed enthusiastically - the swans that is.
And I couldn't believe my eyes when these visitors turned up this morning. At the moment, I've no idea where they came from, but they must belong to someone local. I don't think we have turkey's living wild in the Berriew area. It could be a bit tempting if they pay us another visit just before Xmas. Perhaps we should cancel our order with Alan or Ricky now(not sure whose turn it is this year).

UPDATE - It seems we do have wild turkeys living in the area. They were escapees which have been roaming free for a year or so.

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