Friday, November 26, 2010

Our important Deputy First Minister

Mr Ieuan Wyn Jones, Deputy First Minister at the National Assembly for Wales is a terribly busy man. He cannot find time to meet mere MPs such as me, even when its about an almighty cock-up which his department played a part in creating. Still, I'm not really complaining because its the response that I'd been expecting - but I felt that I had to ask. And its not the first time I've seen the great Sir Humphrey line - "Unfortunately, pressures on his diary are such that the Deputy First Minister is unable to meet with you". Oh Yeah.

The issue I wrote to Ieuan about was the traffic chaos at Newtown that is wreaking such havoc on the economy of Central Wales. The installation of multiple traffic lights in the town when the Tesco store was built looked like sheer madness to people with common sense when it was put in - and sheer madness its turned out to be. When I drove home from Newtown this afternoon, the queue was half way back to Abermule. Dozens more people vowing never to travel into Mid Wales again. Its no surprise that the DFM doesn't want to talk about it.

Actually, a meeting with senior officials is likely to be just as productive. I don't suppose the DFM would have met us without them backing him up anyway. I'm looking forward to hearing from the 'relevant officials' whom he's asked to meet with me on his behalf. On the other hand I might just raise the issue when I next bump into Mr and Mrs IWJ in the Newtown Morrison's when they stop for a break on their way home to Ynys Mon!


Chris Wood said...

"On the other hand I might just raise the issue when I next bump into Mr and Mrs IWJ in the Newtown Morrison's ..."

Oh I say, will there be a replay of the supermarket scenes of "Hot Fuzz"?

"If you dig..." (From 'Rocket Man')

Anonymous said...

I don't care who he doesnt meet. Just scrap the stupid roundabout and put in the bypass

Glyn Davies said...

Chris - Shouldn't think so. Its just that I've met him there before when we've both been doing some shopping.

Anon - agreed.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it Glyn- I now live on Anglesey and sent him a query via email about a month ago- and have yet to receive a reply. Not even an automatic 'may not answer all emails, due to workload' email. So he doesn't even answer his own constituents!.

Q: you were once an AM- are there no rules that you are meant to answer q's from own constituency?

xWCHL (Dr, Chris Wood) said...

Glyn: I especially liked the part in the Hot Fuzz trailer when the Village Vicar ran out into the street and yelled, "Stop this meaningless violence" just before pulling out two Tommy Guns and firing them in all directions. Surreal ... the Supermarket manager was hilarious too, played by Timothy Dalton.

xWCHL said...

"Anglesey" - on a more serious note it is notable that the Ieuan Wyn Jones (IWJ)'s constituency is one of the poorest, if not the poorest, area of the nation.