Monday, November 01, 2010

Interesting S4C development - and a touch unexpected.

Interesting development about the future of S4C today. The BBC are reporting that all four main party leaders in the National Assembly for Wales have written to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport calling for a comprehensive independent review of S4C (not sure what's exactly is to be reviewed), and for the term of office of the S4C Board to be ended. Interesting that Nick Bourne and Kirsty Williams have signed up to this. Personally I see nothing wrong with DCMS conducting a review, as long as we are all clear about its purpose.

It does seem from the BBC report that the four party leaders have been very critical of the S4C Board in their letter. The line talking about "the political stewardship of S4C has been insufficiently vigilant" suggests that the letter will make interesting reading. I'm looking forwards to reading my copy, which is surely in the post to all coalition MPs from Wales, many of whom have been working very hard to ensure that a vibrant independent Welsh Language TV channel continues into the long term. Not sure how DCMS will respond to this letter, but I do hope the voice of Welsh MPs, which in my opinion have done a terrific job on this issue so far continues to heard.


Simon Brooks said...

Do your best, Glyn. I hope this is settled quickly, and the government sees sense. Jeremy Hunt has made a terrible error of judgement, and has brought Conservatism into disrepute. Let us hope that the wiser judgement of Welsh Tory MPs prevails.

Anonymous said...

Yes do your best on this matter Glyn, I think Mr Hunt has acted appallingly (and also the S4C Authority). This very small issue, creates such emotion, it really damages the Conservatives here in Wales.
Hopefully Mr Hunt will listen ALL Welsh MP's and the leaders from the Assembly.
- on a side note, fair play to Nick Bourne & Kirsty to be able to stand up to their colleagues in Westminster, instead of "towing the official party/government line".