Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another blow for S4C.

I watched the Wales - South Africa match from the comfort of our sitting room. Its what I usually do. But what a fantastic atmosphere there must have been as Wales pounded the line for the last few minutes demanding the submission that was so disobligingly withheld by the springboks. Its all about belief, and we're just not there yet. Defeat - yes, but an occasion that will be remembered by everyone there.

Just imagine how awful it would have been to have gone to the match and turned up without your ticket. I really cannot imagine how devastating such a blow would be. And yet, I'm told that's what happened to the 'acting' Chief Executive of S4C, Arwel Elis Owen today. I wonder what Arwel did. Perhaps he rang the BBC to see if they could help him out!! Auntie sometimes has a few spare tickets.

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