Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Opinions of Kim Howells

I was very surprised to read reports of comments made by Dr Kim Howells , former Labour Minister today. It seems that he thinks that to hold a referendum on whether law making powers in already devolved policy areas should be granted to the National Assembly is 'daft'. Now he tells us - after Secretary of State, Cheryl Gillan has put such an effort into ensuring that the referendum is delivered in accordance with Assembly Member's wishes - on March 3rd. This referendum is being taken forward in accordance with the Government of Wales Act 2006, which Dr Howells was partly responsible for putting on the statute book when he was MP for Pontypridd. As another son of the town might have said, this opinion is unusual. Seems he's going to vote No. Don't know whether this announcement is a help or a hindrance to the Yes campaign.


Gareth Saunders said...

If you are as you say neutral, then what ever is said is neither here nor there is it??

Anonymous said...

I don't pay much attention to what Kim Howells has to say. This is the ex communist who shared a joke with a right wing dictator from south America, voted for Blair's illegal war in Iraq and supported the Afghan debacle.

It wasn’t until he announced his retirement from Parliament that he called for a phased and planned withdrawal of British soldiers from Afghanistan, being quoted as saying”, How long do we put up with brave young men and women dying and being injured in Afghanistan?" It would have been a little more convincing if he’d said it before the pay cheque stopped!

His new interest in and his views on Welsh politics will be interesting. Although he’s probably just looking for something to fill his time before he’s elevated to the House of Lords, to join those other hypocrites, Baron Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull and Baron Kinnock, of Bedwellty.

Anonymous said...

Kim Howells may never well no longer be an MP but he seems to care more about his party than his country (regardless if its Wales or Great Britain). I feel alot of opposition to devolution from Labour MPs is turkeys voting for Christmas. The same obvious reason why they avoided answering the West Lothian question.

Glyn Davies said...

Gareth - I may be required to be neutral about whether its a Yes vote or a No vote, but I'm not neutral about the need for a decent 50+ turn-out. And anyway, I have commented on this issue for so long that my neutrality is what you might call 'technical'!

Anons - Dr Kim is entitled to his opinion. This blog admires people with opinions. Its just that I had a bit of a job to folllow what he's saying, and how it fits what he was saying before the 2006 Act.

Anonymous said...


I agree that Kim Howells is entitled to his opinion, although it's difficult to know what it is as he changes it so often. I was thinking more about his lack of principle!

SiƓnnyn said...

Definitely a bonus for the YES side of the debate!

He did say that one of the reasons was his disdain for the Welsh ruling elite, the Crachach! Well a dislike of privileged and patronage is a good old Welsh trait - but then by aligning himself with the British state, he becomes an apologist for the Monarchy, the House of lords, and the Aristocracy in general!

Now, glyn, you may well hold these in high regard yourself, but you do not pretend to be a left wing firebrand!