Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trunk value

Winter interest is important in any garden. Several ways of doing this through leaf colour, shapes, conifers, grasses and some shrubs. Personally, I'm keen on the trunks of trees - and this is my favourite, 'Acer grisium'. Its expensive to buy, and slow growing. But its easyto grow and has good leaf colour as well. I've pruned the lower branches away to show off the peeling bark. This lovely tree is sometimes known as a 'paper bark maple'. When my granddaughter is walking her granddaughter around the Cil Garden, this tree could well be over 30 ft tall.

Most gardens have at least one specimen of the Betula 'utilis' or 'jacquemontii'. I'm never sure what the correct name is for this white stemmed birch. This could even be a special cultivar. We planted a few as a little grove with paths amongst them. They are brilliant in the moonlight. If you have time, they can be improved by washing them down with water. They do grow to be quite a size and because birches are shallow rooted, underplanting is not easy. This photograph shows that I use Phormium and bamboo. And I've just lost two other photographs, so I'll have to post again after supper.

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