Monday, November 24, 2008

Darling the Destroyer.

I'm in shock. Yesterday, I blogged in line with what I expected to be my party's response to the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report - a tax 'Bombshell' to arrive after the next General Election. But my capacity to absorb what the Chancellor was saying failed me when he told us what he predicted the Government's borrowing requirement is going to be. The figure that hit me was £118 billion for 2009 - and only in part by its monstrous size. This figure is based on the totally incredible supposition that the recession will be over by the middle of next year. This figure, already scarcely believable, is going to go up, and up. This is all mindblowingly awful. I'm out tonight, but hope to blog on the speech later - when I've recovered from the shock of listening to a man telling us that our Government has launched itself on a course to financial disaster - which we will all have to pay for.


Pigeon Man said...

"Is the Prime Minister willing to gamble away the health of the nation for one more hour in power?"

Unfortunately after the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report delivered today, the clear answer is: yes.

Wales has the opportunity here to break from London's demise - as noted by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans (and repeated on Valley Mams blog today), "... is easy to forget that we have devolved responsibility for economic development and therefore can focus this nation’s resources specifically on our particular industrial strengths and weaknesses."

Wales is sitting on an IP gold mine, but is not tapping it properly. I have shown several times with Boolean analysis that there is a dire shortage of resources devolved to protecting Welsh IP (Intellectual Property).

Wales is a small country, just think what it would mean if there were Welsh patents covering technology worth billions (if patent protected) verses nothing if not patent protected.

There are universities in former third world nations that devote resources to patent protecting their discoveries. There is a university in President Elect's neighbourhood that is much smaller than all of the universities in Wales combined, and lacks an engineering faculty, but it has nearly an order of magnitude more registered patents than all of the universities in Wales combined.

How can this be? The answer is staring us in the face, but the WAG is NOT LISTENING and even worse is death to please to address this issue with vigor.

Wales can spend EU grants at a faster pace, but the issue of Welsh IP protection will remain unless resources are focused on this issue. Future wealth and job creation in Wales based on knowledge industries can happen, but not if we give away Welsh IP lock, stock and barrel.

Meanwhile after about ten years of WAG Wales is at the very bottom of the British economic league tables by GVA per head of population (‘An Overview of the Welsh economy” by Professor Brian Morgan, in ‘Who’s Who in Wales 2008’ published by the Western Mail, see especially page 9 thereof).

So "Pigeon me this", where will the Welsh economy be if the WAG continues with its policy of not properly protecting Welsh IP?

Anonymous said...

Glyn, on Darlings figures the UK will not start repaying its debt untill you get re-elected in 2015, and thats looking at the bright side, thats scary,

Anonymous said...

Did u see he is going to increase tax on fuel and fags and wine. I give up.
The reduction on VAT thats not going to help with food bills and gas bills is it. It will also have minimal effect on small business.
I think its time to get these idiots out. This is not the way to do it Alastair -Darling.

Glyn Davies said...

Pigeon Man - I hope that they read my blog comments. You've been campaigning on this issue for years.

anon - Thats two of us scared.

Pigeon Man said...

Gly> Thanks for your acknowledgement Glyn.