Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saving the World.

What a stroke of luck for the world that Lembit Opik didn't win the presidency of the Liberal Democrat Party over the weekend. It means that he now has time to focus his attention on ending terrorism. In yesterday's Shropshire Star, this headline took my eye. In fact both of them were taken - and then forced open wide with astonishment. It read 'MP Opik offers to hold bin Laden talks'. I just cannot bring myself to make any comment on this, beyond repeating some of what was reported as direct quotations.

"I was very low after losing the election, but I now realise my biggest political opportunities are just beginning"

"My first goal will be to promote a dialogue to address the motives of international terror rather than simply declaring a so far relatively unproductive war on terror"

"I want to find out why they commit such horrifying acts, so we can help put a stop to it with politics not violence"

"If I could talk to Osama bin Laden, I would ask what outcomes he was trying to achieve. My only request would be for him to listen to my response."

The report did not make it clear whether he intended to discuss his plans with Barack Obama, just to ensure that all the families and friends of those murdered by Osama bin Laden on 9/11 were happy that this meeting should take place. Neither did the report inform us whether Mr David Icke is to accompany the LO team when it leaves for Afghanistan.

UPDATE - Perhaps this news from the CIA will help find him.


Time running out for Lembit and Peter Black ... said...

"State of the Lib-Dem Party": at one end the strange case of Lembit Opik's weird comments and at the other end the strange case of Peter Black's outrageous comments.

What is claimed:
1. A party seemingly out of control, comprising an elongated anything goes flexible non-structure defining first and second ends, wherein said first end is acting weird, and said second end makes outrageous comments about the Senior Senator from Arizona.

Anonymous said...

...well if it's in the Shropshire Star it must be right!

Anonymous said...

He has done a lot of work with terrorism in Northern Ireland, he's also a highly intelligent man - give him a break.

Dai Tora Bora said...

It wouldn't surprise me that after he has lost his seat at the next election he ends up in a travelling circus like the Vicar of Stiffkey. What next a visit to Mars with Dan Dare to speak to the Mekon?

Lib-Dems are out to lunch said...

Lembit is going down the tubes - he will be in the wilderness for a while and after his ego and lack of focus get refined in the "pit of nothingness", he will, imho, 'bounce back' and be the 'great leader' he should be.

On the other hand, Peter Black is turning into something else, maybe a loose canon of the kind that can sink both himself and his party.

It seems that Peter Black has developed a penchant for doing both himself and his party great harm.

Somehow Peter Black is unable to process and compute some of his own actions such as his gross comments about the Senior Senator from AZ, and then to trump it all he doesn't 'do the decent thing', i.e., properly apologise.

An apology goes a long way and we can all ''.

Glyn Davies said...

anon 1 - You seem to be mocking the Shropshire Star - which has a circulation far in advance of any Welsh based daily, and about 6,000 copies are sold in Montgomeryshire every day.

anon 2 - I don't disagree with you, except I don't quite understand why you comment as you do. All I've done is report what was included as direct quotations - make of them what you will.

dai - be careful. You'll have anon 2 after you.

Anonymous said...

Opik has lost the plot and isnow going ga ga. He's a spent force. Tragically, he brought it all on himself. He has zero credibility and STILl does not get the fact that people think he's a joke. When he loses to you, one wonders what idiocies he'll come out with at that point. Let's hope he now takes time out to reflect upon the way he's treated people during his life and to reflect upon his lifestyle. What does it take for this child to grow up and get real?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I really thought this story would run big-time, but I was wrong. Odd that no-one seemed either surprised or interested.