Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Someone's getting twitchy

Some of you may remember Edna Mopbucket. She used to feed me little snippets - and she's just given me a few details on Assembly Member's expenses that would send my visitor numbers into the stratosphere. Alas, it would land me in boiling water, so you'll have to wait until December 8th, when they are due to be officially unveilled. It might leak though, because if Edna knows........ She's a lovely girl, but keep a secret she can't. I'm told that in school, she was known as 'Anything for five Woodbines'. All I can post on are a couple of snippets from Powys County Council.

Edna's been cleaning some of the computers at County Hall, and couldn't resist sprotting into Councillor's inboxes, and she was tickled by one she found in the inbox of Cllr. Wynne Jones, head honcho on planning issues at the Council. It tickled me too. Here's the background;

A few days ago, I received a letter which had been prepared by a group of agents, builders, etc. complaining about the Powys planning service. They wanted me to make a public fuss about it. I decided not to make it public, but felt that I really should bring such concern to the attention of councillors, on a private basis. So I copied the letter to all the Councillors in Montgomeryshire, except those who belonged to other political parties ( who would have a natural interest in embarrassing me). There are only two of them since the last election. Cllr. Wynne Jones responded to my letter by telephone and email, which he copied to others for their information. It was a fair and well argued response from Cllr. Jones, which I'll now discuss with the original complainers. But just guess what happened next. As reward for his efforts to be open and transparent, Cllr. Wynne's inbox received a snorty little email including these extracts;

Dear Wynne'
We are concerned that the letter from yourself and the forwarding of the response to the 'anonymous' letter which was received via Glyn Davies is giving unfair publicity to the PPC..............Why has this letter been given what appears to be extra priority as it comes from Glyn Davies? We feel this shows a lack of political balance and objectivity, and we feel it is wholly unacceptable.

Cllr Clair Powell and Cllr Liam Fitzpatrick
Bronllys Ward Talybont on Usk

Clair and Liam are Lib Dems. Now its not my fault that an increasing number of Montgomeryshire people are choosing to ask me to help them with issues. All I do is deal with them as best I can. But its obvious that the Liberal Democrats of Powys are becoming very twitchy indeed. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

... because ur going to kick their butty come election day?! In the alternative, they are worried about some in-house issue/matter and r worried that u may b getting wind of it too via Ms. Mopbucket or one of her fellow comrads in arms.

Anonymous said...

Of course they're twitchy. They KNOW the seat is likely to fall to you in the next election. Just look at the incredibly low vote Lembit Opik got in the presidency elections. If even the Lib Dems don't want anything to do with him, then think what this means in terms of the average man on the street in Montgomeryshire. Translate the mistrust in his party's presidency election to the general election, and victory is yours. They are running very scared indeed. But do not underestimate the sort of dirty tricks they are likely to come up with in the meantime. They know fully well that LO is a lame duck. A lot of chickens are coming home to roost

Glyn Davies said...

Anons - We shall see. he looked in good form today at the sod-yurning at Welshpool's new livestock market.