Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cymru am Byth

Had company to watch today's game - and she was dressed for it. And what a great game it was. In his post match interview, the Australian coach described the game as "not much of a spectacle". Everyone else thought it was a great game. A bad loser always makes victory more sweet. Shane Williams looked every inch (and there's not many of them) worth his new title of 'World Player of the Year' - and Lee Byrne looked every inch of next year's.

But you do have to play the full 80 minutes to beat the Australians. The don't give up without a fight. They were second best today, but when Martyn Williams dropped the ball with a clear path to the line, just after Stephen Jones had missed one sitter and another good chance of three points, I thought it wasn't going to be our day - again.

So a good month for the Welsh boys. Outplayed South Africa (but contrived to lose it), held the All Blacks for 40 minutes, and deservedly beat the Aussies. Only downside of all the excitement was that it caused Ffion a bit of upset. I tend to become a bit noisy when excited. Until she got used to it, she thought it was directed towards her.

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