Thursday, November 06, 2008

Helen Mary - action speaks louder than words.

Plaid Cymru's Deputy Leader in the National Assembly, Helen Mary Jones attended Llanfair Caereinion High School. So too did I, quite some years before she did I should add. Could this be the reason that she sometimes talks and writes considerable sense? This article which appeared in today's Western Mail is a good example. The issue is one of the main reasons that I'd like to be elected an MP.

But there is one aspect that Helen Mary adroitly sidesteps. Her Party is part of the Government, with a majority sufficient to carry a vote asking the UK Government to hold the referendum needed to make the changes she so articulately promulgates. Increasingly I hear Plaid Cymru activists trying to throw sand into our eyes, hoping we won't notice the paralysis in the Coalition Government. Some of them even try throwing a diversionary light into the Conservative corner.

Dear Helen Mary, The ball is in your own court. Why not play it. Cofion gorau oddi wrth your old school chum, Glyn

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