Sunday, November 09, 2008

All aboard the Brrrrm Brrrrm

We used to refer to my 4 wheel drive 42" cut mulcher as the 'Stiga'. Not a very inventive name - even if rather typical of me. My first dog was called 'Pup'. But never again. From now on its going to be called Brrrm Brrrm.

At last Taid's now got some leverage. Until this weekend, Mrs D, Eb and Karen (or Mum and Dad) were always favoured. I felt that I was tolerated - OK as long as I was prepared to carry her around, or happened to have a peeled banana in my hand. And none of the others wanted her for themselves - like when 'Strictly Cum Dancin' is on. But no more. All I have to do is say Brrrm Brrrm and she's mine - rain or shine. She absolutely loves it. Whenever little Ffion is home in future I'll have the ignition keys in my pocket. And before anyone moans, we don't actually 'mulch', or go anywhere remotely dangerous, or on the public highway.


ex-999 said...

A word of warning Glyn.

Whilst I commend your appreciation of the potential hazards and the taking of what you see as sensible precautions, you are, nevertheless, putting the young lady in the path of potential DANGER.

Your photograph clearly shows Fion sat on your knee without restraint, apart from your right arm, and minus head protection. Further, this machine is sufficiently lethal and requires ones undivided attention to operate safely.

This particular piece of agricultural machinery is not intended to be a 'Brmmm Brmmm' no matter how amusing Fion may find it.

I earnestly entreat you, please cease and desist from this dangerous practice immediately.

May I suggest that if you wish to entertain Fion with a vehicle, you purchase a more suitable one which is intended to convey more than one person (because that's what she is) in safety.

I offer these cautionary words as a retired Emergency Service worker of over 30 years experience.

Please believe me, I have attended at too many horrific incidents involving the misuse of agricultural machinery.

As a final warning, I would remind you that this machine has two purposes only........CUTTING and MULCHING.

Word ver: blizener. You couldn't make that up!

Glyn Davies said...

ex 999 - We re always having discussions at home about what's safe. I'm always nervous taking a pushchair onto the highway, which most people think nothing of. I just do not see anything dangerous about riding on a 'disengaged' mulcher on the lawn. But now there will have to be another discussion. I never ignore a warning without serious consideration.

ex-999 said...

Thank you Glyn for your considered response.

I am relieved that you have taken note and will engage in further discussions. Please make Fion's Mum and Dad aware of this posting and discuss accordingly.

Whilst I would not wish to 'teach my Granny to suck eggs' with regard to the use of agricultural machinery, I am sure that you appreciate my concerns.

If it's of any help in your proposed discussion, I would point out that nobody, Fion included, should ever ride on a motorised vehicle without proper provision for safe accomodation. Grandad's right knee is hardly safe. Further, the lack of head protection speaks for itself.

Whilst I appreciate that you have considered these rides to be safe and a bit of fun, unfortunately, things can and do happen!!!

The sudden arrival of an insect in your eye. A pigeon pooing down your jacket. A stone catching in the drive. A throttle sticking. A gearbox failure. Fion wriggling or otherwise distracting you, an animal running across your path etc. etc.

Such things can and do happen with regularity and ALL will distract from the task and precious cargo in hand.

I could go into Subsection this and Paragraph that, regarding Construction and Use Regulations, Insurances and the like but I am sure that you will be aware of these things.

As you appear to have plenty of space and obviously a few bob, I would respectfully suggest that there are many purpose-built motorised leisure vehicles around that would be eminently more safe and suitable for yours and Fion's fun excursions.

In fact, she's probably getting to the age where a small electrically powered trike may better suit and will be an entry-level course in life's education in the pleasures and dangers that exist with our love of being moved around in vehicles. The purchase of one of those rather fetching pink flowered cycle hemets would be a good first step in making the young lady conscious of the inherent risks associated with vehicular travel.

Good luch in your discussion and I sincerely hope that you lose, hands down.

With my very best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Pass the sick bag, Alice!