Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blimey - He's Everywhere.

Strolling down Broad Street in Welshpool this afternoon - and who should I encounter but Matt Dicks, one of ITV Wales top journos. He was doing a 'vox pop'. Not exactly sure what he was asking, but he interviewed me in search of an opinion about Montgomeryshire's Member of Parliament, Lembit Opik. It was probably for a follow-up piece on Saturday's announcement of a new President of the Liberal Democrats. Well, dear readers, what on earth could I say?

The following is roughly what I did say. I'd thought Lembit was going to win the Presidency, because no-one had ever heard of Baroness Ros Scott (and he told me on Friday that he was going to) - and that I'd been astounded by the margin of his defeat. I also said that I rather like him, that we get along pretty well, and that I'm not prepared to criticise him. But I did say that it seems that we do have a very different approach to politics. And that this is good for democracy, because it gives Montgomeryshire voters a choice of 'approach to politics' as well as 'political affiliation'.

But the main point I made was that I don't want my campaign to be defined by Lembit. I try to ignore all the celebrity attention that Montgomeryshire politics seems to be attracting. I want my campaign to be about what I want to do. I'm not sure Matt was listening - and I don't blame him. Luckily, I'd had a morning when my approach had worked out exactly as I desire it to - doing something in the constituency for a cause I believe in. (The 'Next Post' which I will call the 'Last Post') . But its not going to be easy. I did note that the media referred to Baroness Scott's stunning victory as her opponent's defeat. When I told Pam in the office that I hoped the same thing wouldn't happen to me, she smiled to herself knowingly, and seemed not to mind at all.

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